Circus £75 (+£7.50) NLH F/O w/£500 Added

So a slightly quieter Saturday then expected w/49 runners giving a prize pool of £4175 w/the added £500. FTP had in the field;

Kevin Trett

I was drawn T1-S10 w/following NPFers;

the card guard kid

& also Circus regular “Batman” & a Teessider who I believe to be 2-cats on NPF but I’m not certain. The 40 minute level’s allow for lots of play in this MTT particularly early door’s so I wasn’t very active for 1st 3 levels until break & just slowly chipped my 8500 to around 9500. Kev went bust the hand before the interval;

Blinds: 75/150
Chip Average: 8000
Kevin: 4500
Villain: 8600

He opened BTN 3xBB w/A5c which was called by both blinds & flop fell Axx w/1350 ITM. Blinds checked to Kev who moved AI only to be picked off by BB w/AQo & turn/river brought no help sending Kev to the rail early. On a positive note I congratulated Kev before the MTT began about his Tuesday success & he informed me he had split another MTT for around £200+ & a few good £1/£2 sessions at Aspers ensured he was £1500+ for the week, WP GG Kev. After the break NPFer Samj19 volunteered to deal our table & another couple of level’s passed & I continued to slowly chip up to 13500 when I lost approximately 22% of my stack w/following hand;

Blinds: 200/400
Chip Average: 12000
Me: 13500
txstrevb: 3700

txstrevb moved AIPF UTG & it’s passed around to me when I find AKo on the BTN & I move AI OTT to isolate & txstrevb to my delight shows AJo so I have 70%+ hand for 8000 chip pot which falls behind when board runs xJxxx. Shortly after our table is broke & I now sit at table 3 seat 4 with following NPFers;


I remain just below average chips for duration of this table when following hand proves rather damaging to my stack;

Blinds: 300/600
Chip Average: 15000
Me: 12000
Villain: 15000

I open from MP for 1400 w/KdKs & get called by another MP guy & everyone else folds when we take a flop w/2700 ITM. Flop come’s down KJ6 w/2 diamonds & I CBET 1800 which after tanking is called, turn is 3d so I check however I’m not putting villain on FD but decided caution was best way to proceed but villain quickly checks behind, then river hit’s 2d counterfeiting my trip K’s & I’m now playing 2nd nut flush but still not being familiar w/villain I opted to check call a 3500 river bet to be shown AQo w/Ad & he scoops the 14200 pot w/nut flush & leave’s me w/5200 & less than 9BB. Shortly after I dodged my BB as I was moved to the CO on table 4 seat 2 to even up table numbers & shared this table w/NPFers;

the card guard kid
Richard Baker

However I didn’t last long as I moved my 9BB’s around in an attempt to chip up to give myself a chance, after raising my 2nd straight pot I was looked up by cindabella in the BB;

Blinds: 300/600
Chip Average: 15000
Me: 6100
cindabella: 15000

I opened MP w/66 for 1400 & cindabella called extra 800 out of BB so 3100 ITM & board fell 2410 w/2 clubs so after it was checked to me I bet 1800 to be 2BET AI for my remaining 2900 so w/PO of 4-1 I kind of have to call & hope it’s either 4x, 2x, or FD & not the 10x which when she flipped A10s I had 10% hand needing 1 of the remaining 6’s or running straight cards to finish w/best hand but neither come & I hit the rail 29/49. On reflection I could have went AIPF which would have forced cindabella to fold but I kind of wanted some action as I wanted to chip up to charge FTW, NVM GG...WP to friends & NPFers Steve "CGK" Wills & Dave "tiltmaster" Knight who collected £700 each after being involved in a 4 way chop. I’m not sure when I’m playing live next but travelling to Blackpool on the 19th November to get on the rail & give moral support to Mark who is playing in a 8 player £10,000 SnG sponsorship package courtesy of Coral, so fingers crossed the poker god’s will be w/Mark then. I’m sure he’ll blog his review of how it went & I know he’s in the process of reviewing his $500-$1500 NPF challenge which will hopefully be up here & on NPF in near future.


  1. another good read. ul with the kings personaly though if i was prepared to check call 3500 on the river i would instead use that to try take down the pot on the turn. just my 2 cents.

  2. TY Andy. I guess I could have won w/3500 bet on the turn but OOP & texture of board a FD was likely so I thought I'd rather control pot to see how villain reacted. Then once 4th diamond hits the river I'm only beat to Ad so autocall 3500 w/PO of over 3-1 w/2nd nuts. NVM, TY again for visiting.

  3. Yeh i understand. I suppose hindsight makes it easier to say that the 3500 bet on the turn would have taken the pot down. It was just unlucky that the last diamond hit. will see you at the team game on saturday mate :)


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