Grosvenor £300 (+£55) Team Game

Saturday 14th November so Grosvenor play host to their team game which attract 6 NPF teams of 10 & 2 others;

Loosemans Rocks Radgies
Koytes All Stars Radgies
Walkers Sensations
Northern Lights
Team Gorgeous
Loose Cannons

Ensuring that 80 people lined their card room for what was sure to be a good day w/great crack. It was only my 2nd visit in 4yrs after being reinstated approximately 2 months ago I have since played a PLO STT but in general avoid Grosvenor out of principle due to their extortionate registration fees…which were demonstrated in this team game as it was £300 (+£55) per team which divided by each team member equalled £30 (+5.50). I was representing the cubs along w/affiliates;

H1LOYEAH? (Captain)

& w/8 cubs missing for various reasons we had 5 others standing in. Neil “HILOYEAH?” Barron was our stand in captain as our founder pads1161 was unfortunately attending the service of 1 of his late family members so we were all looking to do him proud in his absence. Mark was playing for Loosemans Rocks Radgies along w/fellow radgies;

Looseman (Captain)
Russ “The Suit”

& 4 other NPF radgies who IDK. The split alliance’s between FTPers is down to the NPF which for added banter have a number of teams across the board & Mark was poached by the radgies whilst I was asked to join the cubs. So we turned up around 3:00pm & were given our team attire by our captains which for me was a blue cubs visor & Mark a black radgies shirt w/Mark “The Threat” Trett printed on it, I was drew table 5 w/following;

1) mag1892 - Teamdobbs
2) CazMac - Koytes All Stars Radgies
3) IrishAndy - Walkers Sensations
4) txstrevb - Loosemans Rocks Radgies
5) cindabella - Northern Lights
6) Myself - Cubs
8) Quiteman - Koytes All Stars Radgies
9) Jen Conway - Loose Cannons

& Mark table 2 w/NPFers;

1) Scotty - Cubs
2) mrs card guard - Northern Lights
3) ChipmunkDobbs - Teamdobbs
4) Mark Trett - Loosemans Rocks Radgies
5) smoggie - Koytes All Stars Radgies
6) GazWalker - Walkers Sensations
9) FarmerDave - Walkers Sensations
10) sean mcguigan - Northern Lights

The unallocated seats were occupied by members of Loose Cannons or Team Gorgeous & I’m not familiar w/all their players. Early doors the play was pretty slow & nobody wanted to be 1st knocked out for their team also the structure (7500 starting stack, 45 minute clock) ensured their would be lots of time to pick some spots, but that said I still managed to lose nearly 33% of my stack in level 2;

Blinds: 50/100
Chip Ave: 7,500
Me: 7,500
Jed Conway: 7,000

Jed “Loose Cannon” Conway had limped UTG w/J10s & I made it 500 OTB w/KK both blinds passed & Jed made the call to go to flop w/1150 ITM & it fell 1010x, Jed checked to me & I CBET 850 which was smooth called & turn was another blank which went C/C then river another nothing card seen me call Jed’s 1,000 value bet & drop below 5,000, D’OH NVM. I started making a habit of running into trips when towards the end of level 2;

Blinds: 50/100
Chip Ave: 7,800
Me: 4,850
CazMac: 7,000

CazMac limped UTG which TBH I hadn’t noticed so it kind of affected my open raise which was to 250 w/AKo in MP & passed back round to CazMac who of course calls the extra 150. Pot now 650 & flop is 8Kx & when checked to me I CBET for 350 which is called & turn was another 8 which again I continued my aggressive line w/900 bet which again was called so by the time the river blanked there was 2,250 ITM & it was now that CazMac lead into the pot for 1,000 & I narrow her range down to an 8 & quickly pass & she shows me 78s & I’m now down 3,350 & needing help. So after being crippled for majority of 1st table I manage to get a bit of momentum going when I get AIOTT w/AA vs. txstrevb 57s, followed by getting AIOTF w/88 vs. AKo, finally I get AIOTF w/FD vs. Quiteman’s AQ high & when the table splits I leave w/14,000 which was a little above average.

Mark was relatively active early doors & had gathered chips winning big pots vs. sean mcguigan, Scotty, BO$$HOG, & busting Buzz w/103s after calling a min raise from the BB & flopping flush vs. Buzz’s KK. Until running into Faetzy (who appears to be FTP’s nemesis) who had joined the table along w/NPFers;


Mark opened from MP w/KJs & cindabella called from LP & Fatezy calls out of the BB & flop falls 8x2hJh & Mark CBETs which is called by cindabella & then Fatezy 2BETs AI & after deliberation Mark make’s the call putting cindabella on FD & Fatezy on 910 for SD & then w/huge PO cindabella makes the call so on the backs & Faetzy has J2 for 2 pair & cindabella K9h for FD & when the turn/river bring no help Faetzy collects 30,000 from the main pot & Mark is still alive after winning 9,000 side pot vs. cindabella. Soon after Mark 3BET Fatezy AIPF w/AQo & Fatezy made the call w/A9 & when board ran xxx9x it signalled the end of Mark’s team game & he unfortunately didn’t collect any points for Loosemans Rocks Radgies. As the numbers lowered my table was broke & I joined table 3 w/andrizu volunteering to deal & the following NPFers;

3) IrishAndy
5) Looseman
6) Simmy3k
7) H1L0YEAH?
8) cowhead72
9) Myself
10) Ridla

I immediately noticed Simmy3k was playing his POS very AGRO & I know from experience he has a high CBET % so made a conscious decision to defend my BB if he attacks, he obliged opening the CO onto my BB for around 3xBB & I called blind w/intention to lead any flop but it fell 99x so I thought the paired board was a good opportunity to set up a CR his CBET which I knew 80% was coming so I 2BET 2.4x his CBET leaving enough behind to pass if he resists but after some deliberation he passed & later after I told him I played the hand blind he declared he folded AJ which TBH I’m sceptical as given the board texture A high is good a high % of the time & I would have expected a 3BET AIOTF. Moving on I found a double up;

Blinds: 500/1000
Chip Ave: 16,000
Me: 14,000
Ridla: 24,000

I opened 2.4x from SB w/55 into Ridla in the BB who made the call & flop came 996 w/4800 ITM & I lead for 2200 which Ridla 2BET up to 5,000 & I quickly go AI for another 6,600 which given the PO isn’t an auto call but a marginal 1 & after deliberation Ridla makes the call w/A3o & after the turn/river give him no help I find myself on 28,000 & Ridla very short w/10BBs. Approximately an orbit later I set Simmy3k up;

Blinds: 500/1000
Chip Ave: 19,000
Me: 25,000
Simmy3k: 27,000

After 3 limpers onto my BB I pot it for an extra 4,000 which brings a pass from MP limper & Simmy3k asks if I’m blind again & I declare yes so he makes the call, & SB folds. Flop is 678r & I CBET ½ pot for 6000 which brings a 2BET AI from Simmy3k & I quickly make the call w/JJ & he shows up w/A10h & I have 67% hand for huge CL which holds & cripples Simmy3k. I later finish the job when he shoves 7BB’s AIPF into my BB w/99 & I defend w/A9 & find an A on the turn to knock him out & he shakes my hand as he heads to the rail, somebody I’ve only met recently but appears a really nice lad & gentleman. So after holding a commanding CL w/60,000ish I slowly begin to lose ground as I continue to open 2.4xBB w/TP 25% from LP & have to make the call when short stack behind goes AIOTT for an extra 6BBish, then I find myself on the wrong end of a 40,000 chip pot w/Ridla who had called my open w/A8s & I CBET the 679r flop enough to practically put him AI which after deliberation he does w/OESD & I sheepishly turn over Q10o for 1 over & an ISD which misses & Ridla ships the pot w/A high. Shortly after I open CO 2.4x w/QQ & have to pass as a fellow cub moves AIPF out of the BB for like an extra 2BB FML took that 1 for the team, so then I’m down to 9BB when;

Blinds: 1000/2000
Chip Ave: 34,000
Me: 17,000
Portanus: 70,000

Portanus opens the BTN for 4xBB w/KQd & I go AIPF from SB w/99 & when board runs xKxxx I lose the race & hit the rail in 17th collecting 3pts for the cubs, sigh not fantastic but a contribution nonetheless. Overall a fantastic day/night had by all & congratulations to Samj19 who successfully navigated the 80 strong field to win the individual honours;

& to teamdobb, the card guard kid, ChipmunkDobbs, cowhead72, Faetzy, mag1892, stumpy, Phlmc, CanOnlyGetBetter, & MR ENTERTAINMENT Who all formed Teamdobbs & after the final standings read;

1) Teamdobbs (41 Points)
2) Walkers Sensations (40 Points)
3) Koytes All Stars Radgies (37 Points)
4) Loosemans Rocks Radgies (36 Points)
5) Cubs (30 Points)
6) Northern Lights (24 Points)

Were crowned “Grosvenor Team Game Champions”. Although the cubs put in a disappointing display it was still a fantastic day & made by the NPFs teams contribution which as always was 1st class.


  1. Freddie "teamdobb" Mercury is the name mate cos


    nice write up

  2. Great write up Dan, spot on review of the day.

    Oh, except: 1 over and a gutshot (10 no good) :)

  3. Ridla - Ah of course, guess that makes my hand about 20% D'OH...I've edited to suit.

    Freddie - WD to you & your fellow Dobbas, done all your talking on the table & deserved champions.

    TY both for visiting

  4. nice blog nd great write up as usual wp sir

  5. great write up of the day Dan. I think your hand reviews are excellent.


    P.S. The hand that you crippled me on gives Ridla's chip count before the analysis. I know it's always good to know how many chips Ridla has but for this particular hand i didn't think it was necessary. :P

  6. Stumpy - TY for the kind words & congratulations on the win & your FT.

    Simmy3k - Ah so it does, I've edited to suit. Enjoyed your company on Saturday M8 & apologies for the bad beat on your exit hand.

    TY all for visiting/commenting

  7. nice write up dan , lol @ jed he was betting the bb by 12 times normally , when u raised and he hit trip 10s his answer was u only raised it 5 times , wow omg fyl.

    wp sir..

  8. Still not folding offsuit Q10 eh Dan. Didn't you preach to me patients is a virtue??? well practice it fish lol. Gd read

  9. mag1892 - Yea appropriate that he was a loose cannon I suppose.

    Zaf - Yea but I was preaching that when I was good, long time ago bro.

    TY all for the comments


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