NPF £50 (+£5) NLH ME 2009

Saturday 31st October saw NPF's 2nd annual championship & I arrived to the most anticipated event in the NPF calendar around 2:00pm ensuring I got there early for the PRE-MTT entertainment which involved having a few beers w/NPFers & squaring CGK up w/my bet’s. Few shout out’s to NPFers who I either spoke to for 1st time yesterday, haven’t spoke to in a while, or just generally had a good bit crack w/at some point during the afternoon;

sean mcguigan

Also to GazWalker our official NPF photographer who w/help got some fantastic photo’s of the whole weekend & kiddha who gave up his Sunday to provide day 2 update’s which were 1st class. So moving onto 3:00pm & I got drawn table 7 seat 1 w/following NPFers;

D) Celia & iamgaryr
1) Myself
2) PIP1269
3) txstrevb
4) Groomi
5) Faetzy
6) luvdatoon
7) gazmeister
8) s2c
9) JuniorBomber
10) Tingate

Table was great crack & Celia dealing made for some eye candy then seeing s2c be the 1st victim as his AA was cracked @ 25/50 by gazmeister’s 34s couldn’t have been written, UL Scott but nonetheless took it in the spirit of the day/event. I never really got going picking up JJ & AKs OOP both time’s I was 3BET/4BET respectively so folded PF & being dealt 2nd nuts vs. nuts on the turn when I had ignorant end of straight cost me around 1,200. So I found myself down to 8,000 by 75/150 then flopped set of 7’s vs. OESD which got AIOTF & SD completed on turn. Faetzy It’s great playing w/you Bro but you’ve knocked me out of Circus £75, Circus £50, + NPF Champs & this has got to stop M8 & Ramsay I’m holding you responsible for dealing me into that situation & inevitably out the door, Joke.

I was pleasantly surprised to avoid all the booby prize’s in the raffle & collected ticked 144 for a “Remy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac V.S.O.P” so TY to whoever donate that prize to the raffle I will for sure enjoy some time in the foreseeable future & on that note I donated a “Jack Daniel’s Las Vegas Poker Night Set” so whoever collected ticket 122 you have me to blame & I must apologize as I smashed the diamond shot glass whilst transporting from my house to the casino D'OH.

I would like to extend my congratulation’s to all FTers who fought through an extremely talented field to ensure they finished ITM & particularly to teamdobb who went into day 2 as CL & w/FTW attitude he didn’t let his foot off the gas as he lead throughout the day until he defeated Ben H HU to have all 1,000,000 chips in play & eventually be crowned “NPF 2009 ME Champion”. But I will say this, we’ll not hear any moaning about the integrity of online poker because that was the most rigged live game I’ve ever played in, c’mon “NPF Super Moderator” collecting 1st place??? Joke.

Big round of applause to;

the card guard kid

Among other’s who’s collective efforts made all this possible & I’m sure every single NPFer in attendance will echo what an absolute fantastic weekend it was. I look forward to seeing everybody again for Grosvenor team game in a fortnight which I’m sure will be played in the same friendly yet competitive NPF spirit.

Take a bow NPF & Circus


  1. weeeeeeeeeeeeee sorted ya commnets box and how to put pics up ya flying now

    nice report & good luck with Full Trett Poker

    love the theme n play on name

  2. TY for visiting & the comment Dave, yea all sorted now just got the duty of maintaining it which ATM I'm quite excited about so hopefully I can keep my enthusiasm.

  3. Good write up
    linked you up
    gl gl

  4. TY Paul, I've linked you up on our friends blogs as well.


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