Circus £50 (+£5) NLH F/O w/£500 Added

December 1st so Circus’s monthly £50 NLH F/O which didn’t quite generate last months number (I can only assume people are feeling the Christmas pinch) but still great MTT w/110 runners (+Alternates) so prize pool was north of £6000. Mark had pre-registered us this afternoon & kindly covered my BI as a gift for my 25th which I was celebrating & I had just picked up our new FTP hoodies so was feeling rather positive about the forthcoming MTT let’s just hope I can translate the positive feelings to my game on the felt. FTP had in the field;

Mark Trett
Kevin Trett

I was seated T7-S3 w/“2009 NPF Champion” Dave “teamdobb” Collins in S5 & Teessider young Lataif Aziz in S2 w/other recognizable Newcastle players but IDK there names. Quite a fast table & w/teamdobb running JJ into an unorthodox played KK in multi-way pot which KK could have prevented w/3BET PF after L/C UTG & giving 3 others value to follow & possibly outdraw them so it got AI on a 10 high board leaving teamdobb crippled & the same guy later finished the job when he called his 6BB AIPF open shove w/Ax & when board ran Axxxx teamdobb’s 55 finished 2nd best & sent him to the rail. I didn’t fair much better as I lost 50% of my stack out of the BB when it was limped round & I CK w/Q10h going to a flop 5 handed w/500 ITM & it falls KhJx4h giving me OES+FD & TBH I’m happy to play for stacks right now to chip up or go home so bet 400 which get’s 1 caller from MP & turn brings 4x so I deliberate & opted to C/C a 1000 bet from villain as I thought leading could face a 2BET so pot is now 3300 & river is a nothing 5x so I’m left w/Q high having missed everything I make a play at the pot w/2675 & villain come’s OTT AI, I was like WTF FFS as I had to fold IDK what he could possibly have had to go AIOTR & not just call, maybe an unorthodox played KK/JJ (which TBH appeared the norm on this table) but IDK so all suggestions welcome. So being down to 4000 & knowing the volatile nature of the blinds in this game I decided I’m going broke before the break or chipping up to at least average, so after 2 limpers for 100 I make it 500 OTB w/AJo & get 3BET to 1600 from SB & I know he’s doing this light as from past experience he has limited experience so I’m usually 4BETing AIPF but instead try something a little unorthodox & flat so pot is now 3500 & we both have about 3000 behind so I then go AIOTF Q105r OOP & of course villain made the call for 90% of his stack & just hoped 88 was still good, sigh I still have 40% hand w/ISD & 2 over’s to improve & have an average stack but miss & he rakes the pot & I hit the rail after an hour for an early night. MT was drew T3-S1 w/NPFer wellygm in S2 & spoona999 dealing but no other notables at the table. MT also had an early shower & only played 2 pots, 1st he opened OTB w/AKo & got 3BET out of BB w/KJo which he called & after checking down the xxxJx board the villain VB the river which MT called w/A high & lost as villain scooped the pot after turning a live J. Moments after I hit the rail I went over to wish MT GL & was on the rail when he opened the BTN w/JJ & 1 caller went to a 2s3s4s flop giving MT an over pair but no Js so he CBET for PSB & villain C/R AI practically playing his AsXx face up so w/PO of 2-1 MT make’s the call & of course villain show’s up w/As10x & when turn is 10s MT’s drawing dead & heads to the rail. I have no hand details on KT but understand he was bust OOTM leaving FTP 0/3 this month, sigh NVM & on a positive note congratulations to NPFers Lynne "georgesam" Beaumont, avkid, & James "Hollywood" Browning who after a chip count around 5:30am split 4 ways for £1000+ each w/CL Lynne taking lion share. I’ll more likely be back over Circus on Saturday for their £75 (+£7.50) NLH F/O w/£500 added & hoping to put an end to this terrible run of both running & playing bad.

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