Circus “Staff Bounty“ £25 (+£3) NLH F/O

Before divulging any information regarding the MTT I would like to give a brief update on a couple of thing’s I’ve been following & most of all say how overwhelmed I am at all the kind words & positive feedback from NPFers & AVPers in regards to my “Las Vegas Trip Reports”, few shout out’s;

rosi “nice reading, wp!!!”

Groomi “Love the vegas write-up. Makes the wait for my 21st birthday all the more difficult!!”

Buzz “yer the vegas write ups are actualy edge of seat stuff lol”

larfingravy “Wahey I get name dropped in a TR LOL and what a great TR to get name dropped in. Nothing hidden in this one! Believe me it'd be harder to meet a nicer fella. Here's to meeting again in LV”

LD Lotty “A report for the ages......incredible.......I really enjoyed it. It could be an entire chapter in a book!”

social casualty “wow”

dcarp “Wow, that was the greatest TR I have ever read.”

Along w/general FTP compliments from pads1161, Tingate, Dom, JuniorBomber, GazWalker, Phlmc, Stevie Sensation, *S*LA*L*, TYVM guy’s & I’m honestly over the moon you all enjoyed them. I’m a little busy in the foreseeable future so IDK when I’ll be able to write up & publish “Las Vegas 2007 Trip Report” but I will endeavour to do it WIFTT.

Over to LV where I’ve been following the “$15,000 (+$400) WPT Doyle Brunson 5 Diamond World Poker Classic” which attracted 329 runners, this is now 4 day’s old w/16 players remaining including John Juanda & Scotty Nguyen, all vying for the $1,428,430 1st place prize & 2008 champion David “Chino” Rheem’s title. The action expects to be fast & furious when day 5 resumes 8:00pm GMT at level 21 15,000/30,000/4,000 & live MTT updates including chip counts & interviews w/Amanda Leatherman can be found over;

WPT Doyle Brunson 5 Diamond World Poker Classic Update's

Remaining in LV as “Aria, CityCenter” officially had it’s grand opening on Wednesday 16th December at 11:58pm PST, I’ve been talking to friends out their who said the opening party was well impressive & gave me a quick card room review. I understand their poker room has 20+ tables spreading $1/$3 - $5/$10 NLH & $3/$6 - $4/$8 LHE, IDK if they plan on running any mixed game‘s & the MTT schedule is TBC but based on the spread of cash game’s it appears their targeting an audience between “MGM Grand” & “Venetian” so IYAM BI’s are likely to range between $100-$300 BWDIK. There’s also speculation that there will be a HS private area named “Ivey’s Room” or “Ivey’s Lounge” but these rumours are unlikely to hold any water as IDT Ivey would endorse a room whilst “Bobby’s Room” is still home to the HSP in the world & as I understand “The Big Game“ & other HS games are expected to stay at “Bellagio”. Below are a couple of photo’s courtesy of;

So moving on & Thursday 17th December was the start of “Circus’s Christmas Schedule” & the opening event was “Staff Bounty Night” w/£25 (+£3) BI. FTPers DT, ST, & GT all supported this event & MT had originally planned to play but CBA & ended up playing the $15 (+$1.50) NPOCS #3 finishing OOTM in 13/22 w/Chris “thegrinder11” Packard AKA thepro collecting 1st place & $110, WD M8 KIU.

Back to the “Circus Staff Bounty” MTT & w/66 runners the prize pool was £1650 & w/£160 worth of bounties across members of Circus staff’s head’s their was sure to be LOL’s & a lot of head hunting for hungry poker players after prize’s;

Gary “iamgaryr” Ramsay: £55 Circus MTT Seat
Mark “spoona999” Brewis: £55 Circus MTT Seat
Celia Liu: £25 Cash
Ben “mrflushy” Smith: £25 Cash
Sarah Bleasdale: Christmas Mystery Bounty Prize

I was drew T6-S2 w/NPFers;

D) mrflushy
3) Andrew Mellor “Circus Poker League Champion”
4) andrizu
5) Samj19
8) Steve “The Game” Trett

& I put in my usual PPP playing 50%+ pots & having volatile swings between 4,000 - 15,000 throughout 1st 2 level’s. I bust out just after the break but not before being treated to some complimentary chocolates courtesy of the MTT CL who shared a selection box he won for being the CL, N1 TYVM M8. Few notable hands;

1) I 3BET LPR out of SB w/QQ & CBET/F 8910r flop as I’m only beating JJ which has out’s w/OESD, villain showed 99 for middle set.

2) I opened vs. same LPC out of SB w/QQ again & CBET K8x flop which is called, 6x OTT & I C/C ½PSB, I C/F the blank OTR to be shown 86d for a turned 2P.

3) I open H/J 3.2x w/AQd & get called from C/O (andrizu), SB, & UTG/L (ST), flop Jd8dKx & I CBET which is 2BET out of the SB so w/NFD+GSD+O/C & POS I 3BET which is called. Turn is 8x & when CK to me I ¼PSB which got through as villain IMO folded a worse FD.

4) I open LP w/K7h & andrizu 3BET’s out of C/O & I CBA to fold so make the call. Axx w/0 hearts flop & I C/C PSCBET floating w/air, blank OTT goes CC, & I lead OTR for ¾PSB which after some deliberation andrizu reluctantly make’s the call w/JJ.

5) I returned after the break w/SS & CBA to sit around SS I look to get them ITM & find a double up, EPR come’s into my BB & after passed round to me I try a S&G w/88 on a 10xx flop for villain to make the call after 1st asking for a count whilst holding 1010 for the nuts, GG WP…I caught an 8 OTT for a 2% sweat but found no miracle OTR & hit the rail at 100/200 level, sigh NVM.

Onto fellow FTPer GT who I caught up w/briefly as he was leaving & hear he was coolered w/7x vs. 78 on a 3456x board, IDK how the betting went on earlier streets but understand it got AIOTR at 50/100. As far as the bounty’s go, which were aptly named “Team Circus”;

Gary “iamgaryr” Ramsay: (3rd Chip Count)
Mark “spoona999” Brewis: (Eliminated vs. Malcolm Brown)
Celia Liu: (2nd Chip Count)
Ben “mrflushy” Smith: (Eliminated 13th vs. ChipmunkDobbs)
Sarah Bleasdale: (Eliminated 17th vs. Martin Ross)

So overall a very impressive performance from “Team Circus” having 2/5 as iamgaryr phrased it retire UNDEFEATED, so VWD to those for flying the Circus flag & around of applause considering they had zero $$$ reward & were all playing for pride. Also VWD to fellow FTPer ST who after being card dead the entire FT managed to ladder up to 3rd place prize money for £200 although finishing 5th on a technicality behind Gary & Celia who couldn’t get ITM, so FTP 1/3 N1. I caught up w/ST & he had this to say;

"1st table strong players good crack no cards so didn't get involved with many pots. 2nd table early position with K9 hearts limped to see a 4 way pot of 3,200 flop was 2 hearts, also I have an over card I check 2nd player bets 2,200 other 2 players fold, I call hit a heart, he shoves & I double up to 14k at 1st break. Table gets split join another strong table 2 limpers, I'm on the small blind with J6 spades. BB checks flop is AJ6 2 diamonds giving me 2 pair, I check & so do 2 other players Gaz Walker bets around half the pot, 3 callers turn is a King, checked to Gaz again who bets around half the pot again, I call other 2 fold, river is a brick I push for 8k into a pot of around 18k Gaz called. Summary of pot is I win about 25-30k pot but thought when I flopped 2 pair I was good but as the hand progressed I thought I'd got myself in a world of trouble. Small blind QQ folded around to me I raise to 9k blinds are 1.5-3k BB shoves with KQ off, I call & double up to around 60k. Final table get no hands & get blinded out to ladder up to £200 3rd prize finish lol. Also well done to Gary & Celia who lasted right till the end of the tournament."

Finally WD ChipmunkDobbs who I understand also got on the FT & ITM & the MTT was finally split 4 ways after a chip count w/2 friends collecting £420 each & Gary/Celia winning bragging rights vs. their card room regulars.

MT & I will be over “Jolly Miller” on Saturday night for “NPF Christmas Party” which is looking to be VW attended by NPFers & I believe 60/80 seats already sold so likely this could sell out but I‘m sure there’ll be a full update this evening on “NPF News”. This like all NPF events will be 1st class night out so any NPFers w/o any plans for Saturday get in touch w/CGK & get your name, £14.95 includes 3 course meal & entertainment bargain IYAM. Then I’ll be closing my poker calendar by partnering MT in the “Circus Tag Team £30 (+£3) NLH F/O” on Monday 21st December before taking some time off over Christmas & New Year.

TY for visiting & reading.


  1. Aria cardroom & seats etc look awesoem.

    Think Im staying there this year for WSOP weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. For sure looks well nice, ICW to enjoy some of their SCA ;-)

  3. thanks for the pos+ comments :)


  4. YW Ben, I thought are table was good crack & enjoyed your company. TY for visiting & commenting M8 ;-)

  5. Nice post Daniel, linked up as requested, cool blog. Think I saw you at the NPF team event last year, saying that I was bladdered, but hey ho! Hope it goes ahead this year, CGK told me it may be moving to another Casino.

  6. TY Snake Eye’s, I’ve linked you up as well. IDK which team event you mean, I played 1 over Circus 6th December w/TEAMTUBBS & their was another 1 earlier in the year but I was out the country so couldn’t make it unfortunately. But funny you mention it though M8 because CGK just mentioned it on the “NPF News” which was aired earlier hours of this morning & it for sure is going ahead again this year so we’ll have a drink together. TY for visiting & commenting Bro

  7. Quality update as usual mate =]. Them seats in Aria look sweeeet.

    Good luck to you and Mark in the Tag Team Event. Scooooooooop.

  8. Yo Jonny, for sure Aria look's the business & TY for the good wishes ahead of the "Tag Team Event" ;-)


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