Coral £10,000 Sponsorship Package Details

I'm getting brief details through from Coral with regards the sponsorship for next year. It all sounds amazing to be honest and I'm really excited.

They have asked me what type of clothing I would like and asked if I'd be happy to be known as Mark 'The Threat' Trett. Which of course I am. I told all of the clothing will probably be blue (Coral colours). They are doing some designs for me which I'll hopefully get some say on. The clothing includes hoodies, polo shirts, T-shirts, caps and hopefully some sports jackets.

The events I will play at this stage are still a little uncertain. They want me to play the full Coral Gala British Masters Tour but IDK if this includes all of the side events yet. Assuming it does not then I'm looking to play :-

6x Coral British Masters Poker Tours Main Events (£550 each)
3x GUKPT's - Bolton, Manchester & Blackpool (£1070 each)
3x PokerStars UKIPT's - Manchester, Nottingham & Coventry (£550)
1x WSOPE £1,000 side event (£1075)
1x GUKPT Newcastle summer series (£330) &
1x DTD Deepstack in March (£330)

If the Coral side events are included I will most likely have to drop the Bolton GUKPT and the London WSOPE side event to finance everything.

I have asked if I can play some of the Coral side events out of my own roll & retain the sponsorship money for the bigger games but this has not been decided yet. They do want me to sign a contract so I guess all the details will be in there.

They want me to be an affiliate of their website on Coral/Gala Poker which is awesome. Early talks have involved bounty games etc but I'm still awaiting full confirmation regards what their expectations are.

FTP will be getting some banners for the blog & I'll also be getting some business cards with sign up codes and stuff so I can benefit from bringing people to the site. They said that they want me to be an ambassador for Coral poker and promote them at every opportunity.

That's about it for now. Will keep you all updates as and when I hear anything else.

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  1. Nice schedule Bro, WSOPE FTW. GL w/2010 & stay tuned everybody for some awesome reports from IMO the hottest NLH MTT player in Newcastle ATM. Go Go Go ;-)


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