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FTP have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! The WBCOOP is a free online Poker tournament open to all Bloggers. Courtesy of PokerStars

Preliminary tournaments are free-to-enter and run daily from January 25-30, in a range of different games at the times listed below. You can find them listed in the PS lobby, under ‘Tourney’ & ‘All’;

1) Monday January 25th NLH 17:00 ET (22:00 WET)
2) Tuesday January 26th PLO 17:00 ET (22:00 WET)
3) Wednesday January 27th NLH 18:00 ET (23:00 WET)
4) Thursday January 28th NLH 18:00 ET (23:00 WET)
5) Friday January 29th 8-Game Mix 19:00 ET (00:00 WET)
6) Saturday January 30th NLH 15:00 ET (18:00 WET)

Each preliminary tournament will award $6,038 worth of SCOOP Steps tickets. The 2010 WBCOOP ME is again found in the PS lobby under ‘Tourney’ & ‘All’;

7) Sunday January 31st ME 15:00 ET (18:00 WET)

The ME prize pool is structured as follows;

1) SCOOP Tickets to Value of $3,150
2-9) SCOOP Tickets to Value of $2,100
10-27) SCOOP Tickets to Value of $215
28-45) SCOOP Tickets to Value of $55
46-136) SCOOP Tickets to Value of $22

IDK if FTP will be entering many of the preliminary events but will for sure be in the PS WBCOOP ME so GL to all other bloggers running.

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