Grosvenor 3-2-1

Yo FTP. I don’t usually report standard weekly MTT’s but I’ve made an exception for this because I had a great laugh on Friday, for those not familiar w/Grosvenor new 3-2-1 game I have explained below;

£30 (+£5), 1st +R £20, 2nd +R £10. However 2nd +R or top up is only available to those that have had their 1st, so restricting your maximum spend to £50 which kind of restricts growth of the prize pool so I understand NPFer & TD Varzee is looking to change that to give players the scope to have both +R by the break regardless.

29 entrants created a prize pool of £1420 which I understand was distributed;

1) £570
2) £430
3) £280
4) £140

& I was drawn T2-S2 w/NPFers;

D) Phil
1) CGK
3) MrNiceGuy
4) Youngnufc
5) Stevie Sensation
7) NRH “Late Entrant”

Now I won‘t bore you with many hands as this is more just to let everyone know I had 1 of the most enjoyable table’s I’ve had over a Newcastle MTT in a long time. Very rarely I sit at a poker table & both players to my left & right have been to LV more than me but on this occasion I was kind of an LV novice w/CGK (8) & MrNiceGuy (9+) compared to my 7 so needless to say we shared a wealth of LV stories & as I hadn’t seen Mark “MrNiceGuy” Cooke for at least a year we all generally just had a good laugh & the poker was kind of secondary.

FTP GIM: I agreed to play the flop game w/CGK, for those not familiar with the flop game it’s a proposition HU game where both players pick anything from 1-7 cards & if that card flops your owed x amount from villain dependant on how much your playing for. I chose 7-9 vs. CGK’s 8-6 & ran like god as by the time CGK was eliminated on the FT bubble I was a 15-4 winner which at stakes of 50p per card meant I took him for £4.50 which he kindly rounded up to £5, N1 I run so good.

Complimentary buffet during 1st break which consisted of mince pie, wedges, peas, & gravy for all players which was 5/10 at best but for free you can’t really complain. Shortly after the break we were joined by fellow NPFer/AVPer & good friend Rob “larfingravy” Richardson to add further LV experience to the table as I believe he has been 7+ time’s as well but that didn’t last long as we were unfortunately split at 23:30 & I joined T3-S2 at 150/300 w/NPFers;

3) Scotty
4) CGK
5) txstrevb

I won’t detail any hands except 1 incident that kind of showed a lack of etiquette, 400/800/50 & I come in for 2.1x out front w/AKo & get looked up from the BB, which got CK’d down to river (passive I know) & he over bet the pot when I hit Ad OTR which meant board read xxxxA w/3 diamonds & I paid him off to be shown 2nd NF. So I passed my cards face down which forced him to flex his rights & request to see my cards, I know a lot of readers will be thinking well he’s entitled to blah blah blah but I value ethics & believe some players need to learn to win pots a bit more gracefully. Obviously we can all do with the information but it’s not nice to embarrass the villain after you’ve scooped the pot & his chips, but fair play to him I told him I had an A & he kind of sensed my disappoint & didn’t force me to show my hand down so credit in that respect. I eventually made the FT w/SS after final hand before FT I doubled txstrevb up when I moved him AIPF BvB & he found AJo vs. my K7 which held. Fortunately I find AKo the 1st hand on the FT & move AIPF for about 4BB’s which Sean McGuigan calls w/44 & sends me to the rail as board reads Kx4xx. I shake his hand & wish the remaining FTers GL who IIRC consisted of txstrevb, KQ4EVA, Samj19, & Andrew Thornton (Knight1874’s namesake).

After the MTT I joined a 200NL game which is kind of rare to run over Grosvenor so was nice to see it running & w/£5 hourly session fee rather than a rake meant it was good value. However it was kind of shark infested as I joined S9 w/NPFers;

1) buzz
2) avkid
8) MrNiceGuy

Again I won’t bore you w/CG hands but I sat till 3:00am & after another good catch up w/MrNiceGuy to my right this time rather than my left which he occupied in the MTT I left w/£100+ profit which covered my MTT BI & gave me £50 profit which isn’t bad. 200NL session was slightly marred by a drunk who I found quite offensive & when I politely asked him to speed up when it came to showdown as twice he slow rolled me w/o any remaining action after I’d showed he took an aggressive manner. Nothing to serious just a little disappointing but NVM after I tried to reason with him & was greeted how I was I chose just to ignore his drunken manner & give him the benefit of the doubt that it was the drink causing him to misbehave.

Finally just left to congratulate the 2 guys who split the lion share of the prize pool Sean McGuigan & KQ4EVA who are both class act’s & deserve their success, KQ4EVA was on the same penultimate table as me & accumulated chips very well with a series of well timed bluffs & although I didn’t get a chance to share the same table as Sean McGuigan (apart from 1 hand on the FT) I know from past experience he would have played solid as usual. So N1 old boys, KUTGW. Quick shout out to Varzee who by all a/c’s is really pushing within his restricted limitations to get the Grosvenor back on it’s feet, who ran this MTT superbly & for the £5 registration fee provided;

Fully Dealer Dealt
Live NPF Updates

So KUTGW Varzee & GL with the new Grosvenor schedule.



  1. sounds good but tell ya what, Corras double episode featuring Peter Barlow pissed n blowing his chances with new pub & Leanne was mint,

    See told ya theres more to playing poker than simply winning!!!!!! Lets hope the G grow on the back of this game which Im sure will be their feature game over next few weeks

  2. Yo Dave, I agree this game could be Grosvenor's backbone.

  3. nice post m8y. U were ul not to cash tbf and look forward to seeing you there again. Thanx for the big up m8. Trying my best!

  4. Yo Varz. YW for the big up Bro, credit where credit is due M8.

  5. Nice TR as usual Bro, must admit the game does sound good and the effots of Varzee & co are clear for all to see. I like the idea of this 3-2-1 thing and defo will try and get down there soon to check it out.


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