Heads Up "Cardguard Kid vs. Milkybar Kid"

In today’s heads up were bringing you kid vs. kid as NPF’s very own CGK goes in the ring with 1961 cowboy the MBK for what will be an edge of the seat encounter;

Fan Base
CGK: The beautiful Mrs. CGK & his compatriots teamdobbs are his biggest fans then he is of course everybody’s favourite news reader, an impressive following but will struggle vs. the famous MBK.

MBK: Has a fan base around the globe & has since his debut in 1961, globally loved by the kids of the world ensures MBK takes an early lead. MBK 1 - 0 CGK

CGK: “Online poker is fixed” The opinionated CGK regularly sparks debates with other NPFers about the integrity of online poker & always quoting his above catchphrase.

MBK: “The Milkybars are on me!” The wild west setting & after this catchphrase the MBK then has a crowd of screaming kids running towards him. MBK: 2 - 0 CGK

Poker Ability
CGK: 20+ years experience across a number of variants give’s CGK a chance to claw himself back into this heads up match.

MBK: No record of any poker games, although he was around in the wild west so if he was on the felt there’s a chance he could have played with the likes of Wild Bill Hickok. MBK 2 - 1 CGK

CGK: Signature hoodie, jeans, trainers, baseball caps, shades & generally just cool casual poker playing gear.

MBK: Western cowboy hats, belts, boots, buckles, etc & in all honesty not with the times. MBK losing some ground in this category. MBK: 2 - 2 CGK

CGK: Instrumental in the “Circus Tribute Song” which was loved by NPFers & local players but didn’t quite get the publicity the MBK song attracted.

MBK “The MBK is strong & tough & only the best is good enough.” Was the famous song around the world advertising milkybar’s & has clinched the title at the post for MBK. MBK 3 - 2 CGK

MBK (3) def. CGK (2) after what looked like a landslide victory CGK pulled it back level & it wasn’t decided until the final kick of the ball & unfortunately NPF’s CGK was 2nd best & bubbled. Thanks for tuning in all, I hope you enjoyed our 1st edition of heads up.


  1. omg he still runs bad ul wp gg

  2. LOL N1 MBK
    Its online there for its all rigged,
    HU4ROLLZ is the cry from the one and only CGK

  3. lol i thought this was about ben grundy

  4. LOL sorry to disappoint you Dale & sorry to hear about your bad experience over Manchester UKIPT. Good luck online ;-)


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