Interview w/Simon Cameron

Today I have recent 2nd place finisher of the monthly Circus £50 (+£5) NLH F/O commonly known as Simmy3k for our NPF readers Simon Cameron (left). Simon is relatively new to the NPC but already has an impressive record & more importantly is a really nice guy whom I was delighted to catch up with.

During the interview we discussed his feelings regarding his recent success, how his nickname came to fruition, his prefered local casino amongst others. So here we go in the tank with Simon
"Simmy3k" Cameron.

DT “WD on your 2nd in the recent Circus flagship MTT, I take it you have emotions of elation mixed with disappoint?”

Simmy3k “When the last hand was played in the uneventful HU I was obv disappointed, £700 is a lot of money and just to lose that on the flip of cards is always going to be devastating. However, the day afterwards, when i woke up with an extra grand in my pocket, it put it in perspective and I am over the moon with my 2nd place finish. Not to mention, knocking out Mark and Daniel from FTP is equal to any 1st place finish imho.”

DT “Where does the nickname Simmy3k come from? I take it Simmy is a play on your Christian name but what about the 3k?”

Simmy3k “This is a nerdy answer. I've never had a nickname, but always wanted one. At the age of 10 I went through a phase of insisting everyone should call me 'Simmy'. It was during this (very brief) stage i made my 1st email account, it was 1999 and '2k' was on the end of everything. Simmy2k was taken, so i became The alias stuck and went with me everywhere on the web.”

DT “Circus, Aspers, Grosvenor?”

Simmy3k “Circus is heads and shoulders above the rest for me. They've got me for life.”

DT “Sex, Drink, Chocolate, Poker?”

Simmy3k “As my girlfriend will want to read this, it's gonna have to be sex. Yeah, No limit Sex is definitely my fave.”

DT “No Limit, Pot Limit, Limit?”

Simmy3k “Pot Limit & Limit are for pussys.”

DT “Hold’Em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud?”

Simmy3k “Hold'em is imo the best game ever invented, not just the best poker variation. I love HORSE aswel, it's handy if i feel i'm starting to tilt.”

DT “Roulette or Blackjack?”

Simmy3k “Life's a gamble so both are great. Roulette is prolly better as you can lose money faster and you don't have to think.”

DT “What does 2010 hold for you? can we expect to see you around NPS regular over coming months?”

Simmy3k “Last year I wanted to begin to build/grind a BR that one day i'd like to be able to make a living from. I thought that poker could be an easy way to make a good wage. After a lot of stress/tilt/variance I now realise that there's no way i'd want to depend on poker for a living.

I graduate as a qualified nurse in March 2011 and want to make that my top priority this year. My outlook on poker has changed a great amount in these last couple of months and now I just want to play for fun. Poker is such a great sociable game which I enjoy immensely. If I continue to enjoy playing for the next 12 months it'll be a great achievement, me kicking ass and binking MTTs will just be a bonus!

I'm sure you'll often find me playing in circus casino, on the FT. I'm also liable to end up in aspers on a weekend after a night out, taking money off the fish. I'm always drinking whilst playing poker and will always be willing to flip for round with anyone. So give me a shout if you're of a similar mindset at the poker table.”

DT “TY again for your time & BOL for 2010 M8.”

Simmy3k “Thanks for having me FTP. GL and keep letting me suck out to ya”

Your more than welcome M8, nice having you old boy. I hope you all enjoyed being in the tank with Newcastle's Simon Cameron.

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  1. "Yeah, No limit Sex is definitely my fave.” - Classic :D


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