World Cup Tag Team

SUP Guys. Yesterday (Saturday 3rd July) both Mark & I headed over Grosvenor for the second weekend in a row, this was to compete in their novelty tag team event. Upon arrival their was unfortunately only seven team registered, so we watched the Argentina vs. Germany match for an hour whilst we waited for more teams. I hadn’t planned on drinking but got offered a drink by Marc & was easily tempted, I ended up going rounds for the entire tournament & afterwards but more on that later. Unfortunately the teams never arrived & as things stood we didn’t have the minimum requirement (ten) of teams for the two added £200 club championships seats, I asked the other teams if they would be interested in ghosting the other three teams to generate the seats & thus have value to play. This request was taken offensively by teacher Stephen which prompted him to withdraw his team, I hope he understood why I asked & last thing I wanted to do was offend him. But anyway another team had deregistered so we were down to five, the tournament was then cancelled & everybody was refunded their £55 buy in. Then I suggested to Candice they could meet us half way & add one £200 club championships seat, which after speaking to the powers that be was agreed & gave us the value to play the tournament. I would like to take this time to thank Candice & the Grosvenor for compromising & adding the seat in such a poorly attended tournament, for all the bad publicity they get of which there is lots they should be complimented in the same casual manner.

So we finally got underway in the winner takes all sit & go, giving the winners a collective £250 as well as a £220 tournament buy in. The seat draw was;

1) Team Full Trett Poker
2) Team Wilson (Garry Snr. & Jnr.)
3) Team Dynamic (Ian Bertram & Rob Charlton)
4) Team Butcher (Marc Mulhern & Glen Whitehead)
5) Team Uruguay (Colin Taylor & Scotty Hocking)

Despite the poor attendance I was friends with the entire field & with the corona’s flowing I had an absolute first class day, it was played in great spirit’s with everybody laughing & joking. We ran pretty well during the tournament finding some nice spots, this helped us get heads up holding approximately a 3:1 chip lead vs. Team Uruguay. A short time into heads up we finished the job;

J8o vs. Team Uruguay K9o: 200/400 “16,000” (I opened the BTN to 825 which Colin flatted out the BB, the flop runs 8TQ to give me bottom pair & a gut shot straight draw. Colin open shoved out the BB for approximately 8,000 & I paused momentarily before committing the chips, fortunately they missed their three kings/two jacks for the live outs & we were crowned champions.)

I had arranged to hit it up in town with Marc & Scotty after the tournament, although I wasn’t suitably dressed with flip flops/three quarters but M’EH I’d sort something out. They wanted to play dealers choice for an hour or so first & I refused to gift them a buy in so instead watched the Spain vs. Paraguay game with my kid in the downstairs bar, by around 20:30 they had finished & Mark had entered the scheduled weekly Grosvenor tournament so we headed out. I swapped footwear with Mark wearing his trainers to help be more suitably dressed to get in the bars, this helped to a degree but still got turned away from some places for the three quarters. Despite the entry problems I had a brilliant night in the bars we got in with these two guys, although the several vodka red bulls mean I remember very little of our activities.

I know from the stamp on my right hand we visited for your eye’s only last night, which I’m kind of making a ritual to take Scotty to a strip club every time I’m out with him after he said he’d never been to one in his life last month down Leeds. Finally I have a vague memory of being back over the Grosvenor & dropping a buy in on the cash table, before Mark took me home stopping me from gifting the table anymore money in my impaired state.

So overall an absolute brilliant day/night spent in fantastic company, so thanks guys for another top night. This Tuesday is the monthly £50 freezeout over Circus which we will of course be playing, I’ve had a couple of final table’s in this event recently so I hope it continues & I can report some more success.

World Cup Tag Team Champions


  1. cant think of 2 better guys to lose to , wp mark/dan.


  2. Thanks Colin, great playing with you as always. ;-)


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