Trett Digest Volume 06

I started off my summer over at Las Vegas with Mark, I won't go into any detail of the trip during this digest. For those that haven't read it already, check out the link below which takes you to my trip report and has a detailed analysis coupled with some ace photos.

Las Vegas 2011 Trip Report

A few FTP followers that have had the pleasure of reading the report, have approached me asking if Mark and I were disappointed with the lack of results across both tournaments and cash?. My answer to the aforementioned question was simply no, but I'll take some time out to go into more detail behind my answer. Yeah I guess we both underachieved on the felt during our ten day stay over in Las Vegas, but I mean whatever we don't look to bemoan our luck or seek sympathy. We both felt extremely fortunate to be in a position where we could fly out there, further more grateful to have the opportunity to stay at the beautiful Bellagio. I regularly read back over some of my blog entries since launching FTP in November 2009, and smile reminiscing about all the great opportunities poker has given me and not forgetting all the good times before FTP. I've been playing poker for almost a decade now, and if anything I've learned to accept the variance involved. Our schedule out in Las Vegas was really intense, collectively we played 25+ tournaments and 70+ hours of cash. Our total tournament outlay was somewhere close to $10,000 and we only cashed for $4,250, whilst running way below expected value on the cash tables. Combined a considerable net loss but this in reality is a very small sample size, of almost zero significance. So yeah I can take the lack of results with a pinch of salt, the disappointing aspect for me was my performances out in Las Vegas. I'm likely playing some of my worst poker since I began all those years ago, I feel it's predominantly down to a lack of patience and playing way too loose which although I understand this I'm having a really tough time taking my foot off the gas and slowing down. I mean of course poker is evolving and I guess I've maybe just made the wrong adjustments, I'm confident I will over come this hurdle and in time go back to playing an optimal strategy. Finally back to the question and no I wasn't disappointed with the lack of results, I feel very humbled to have the option to head out to Las Vegas as and when I please and it's perennially awesome to spend time out there with family and friends irrelevant of results on the felt. Upon returning to the UK I came down with an illness, I don't know for sure what I was suffering from but the symptoms included being exhausted, waking up in hot sweats (quite common after I holiday), no appetite, vomiting, shaking, and a temperature. I mentioned the first time in my adult life I took ill was in Macau 2009, well I wouldn't consider this on the same level but definitively the second time I remember being bad.

This kept me bed bound for almost a week, but slowly I made a full recovery and returned to my normal routine of weekly casino visits and nights out. Saturday 23rd July I hit it up over at Newcastle (Gosforth) racecourse for beeswing ladies day with my friends away from the felt, we spared no expensive with the £180 all inclusive hospitality package. The talent on show looked phenomenal and the banter was electric, just a fantastic day. We moved onto Jesmond and ended up in city centre until the early hours of Sunday morning, my only complaint is every horse I backed failed but M'EH whatever.

As far as poker goes I've been playing a three day week schedule all of which are over at Circus and include their £1,200GTD (Sunday), £2,000GTD (Tuesday), and £4,000GTD (Friday) with around a break even ROI since returning from Las Vegas. Whilst loitering around the card room I had the opportunity to catch up with Jimmy Brown, who gave me a little heads up on what's going on over the next couple of months. September 2nd they will host a £70,000GTD link game including nine casinos and their online site, with players advancing to day two heading to Liverpool on Sunday 4th September. They are also exploring the possibility of a £250 (+£25) buy in two day event with a £20,000GTD, to be held in the back-end of the year with the dates subject to research on other similar buy in events around the UK. So yeah some exciting tournaments ahead at Circus, lets get over there and give them the support they deserve guys.

I've been quite active with FTP recently so I hope you've all enjoyed reading my articles, also hoping to continue the traffic as I look to publish another Las Vegas trip report and have a very exciting guest lined up who I'm sure you'll all find entertaining. I mentioned in my TDV3 (Trett Digest Volume 3) that I had recently bought One Tree Hill series one through to seven, I've been spending some of my downtime away from the felt enjoying these episodes. I've just finished season three which had a captivating series finally, so looking forward to several more hours of entertaining TV over the next few seasons. Moving forward and next Friday (August 5th) I'm off to Ibiza with the lads for a week of hard drinking and partying, the undisputed party capital of the world. The worlds best clubs hosting the worlds best nights performed by the worlds best DJ's, as you can tell I'm well excited. Needless to say I'll not be around the casino's that week, below are a few photo's from previous visits In 2007, 2008, and 2009 just so all FTP readers can be at peace that I'm fine and having lots of fun out on the white isle.


I'll be playing the Circus £4,000GTD on the day I return (Friday 12th August), so no doubt I'll catch a few of you there.

Thanks for reading everybody.

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