Trett Digest Volume 07

As mentioned in TDV06 I was off to Ibiza for a week to get hit up and enjoy a week of sun, drink, and partying. I had a brilliant week with an absolute ace bunch of lads, although I personally would have preferred a fortnight some of the other lads had commitments preventing this so never mind. Spotted a few minor celebrities whilst over in the white isle, including Dane Bowers, Matthew Pritchard (Dirty Sanchez, seen him every year I've been), Joey Essex (for those thinking who the fuck is he, I didn't know either), and if you can call this guy even a minor celebrity Peter Andre's brother. I'll not be reporting the trip, but below was our clubbing/partying schedule and a few photo's for those of you who are interested;

Friday 5th August: Radio 1, Ushuaia
Saturday 6th August: The Zoo Project
Sunday 7th August: Flower Power, Ushuaia
Monday 8th August: Bars, West End
Tuesday 9th August: Clubland, Eden
Wednesday 10th August: Example, Ibiza Rocks
Thursday 11th August: Cream, Amnesia

So yeah Ibiza is over for another year, few of the lads mentioned dropping Ibiza in 2012 in a favour of hitting it up over Miami, Florida which I for one think would be unbelievable. In the early stages and as things stands it's only being discussed, but if it gets booked I'll be sure to let you guys know.

As far as the Newcastle poker scene goes there is lots going on with my good friend James Howard leaving Aspers in a favour of a more senior role over at Circus, as far as I know he's assistant CRM. So on behalf of all at FTP, I would like to wish him the very best of luck in his new post. Meanwhile Gary Ramsay has resigned from his CRM position at Aspers, I understand this is the upshot of a suspension. All at FTP have a mountain of respect for Gary, I know for sure this is a huge loss to Aspers and Gary will be successful in the future whether he stays in the casino trade or heads on a new adventure. Good luck in the future mate, where ever it lies. Their are a few decent tournaments scheduled over the next couple of months;

Tuesday 23rd August: Circus £100 NLH F/O “£10,000 Guaranteed”
Friday 2nd September: Circus £100 Link Game “£50,000 Guaranteed”
Tuesday 6th September: Circus £50 NLH F/O “£1,000 Added”
Tuesday 20th September: Circus £100 NLH F/O “£10,000 Guaranteed”
Saturday 1st October: Gala Teesside £100 NLH F/O “Poker Player UK Tour”

Then I suspect the NPF championship will be held some time in October to align with previous years, but as yet nothing has been mentioned so I'll report back on this as and when I find out more information. On a different note FTP affiliate Mark Trett has joined twitter where he'll be looking to regularly update his tournament progress, you can follow him @mark_trett.

Speak soon guys

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