Trett Digest Volume 09

Christmas is around the corner so I thought I'd enter another digest, as always an exciting schedule of poker and partying over the festive season. I mentioned in TDV08 that I was looking to kick it over Amsterdam for Halloween weekend with a few of my boys away from the felt, that got swapped in favour of a visit to Blackpool. Their was 9 of us in total and despite staying at possibly the worst B+B ever (get what you pay for I suppose), we had an absolute brilliant weekend crawling the bars getting ruined. Check out photo's below;

Some moderate success on the felt over November as I split the Circus £6,000 GTD with my good friend Andy Blair for £1,200 and a deep run in the Venetian $350 DSE, busting in 11th was worth $1,782. The deep run in the Venetian DSE was the upshot of a visit I made to Las Vegas with a bunch of friends of mine from Teesside, if you haven't already check out my report for the trip which I'm sure you'll find entertaining;

Las Vegas 2011 Trip Report “Winter”

Since returning to the UK I've took my foot off and gas and been taking things easy, however I have had one pain in the backside which is trying to qualify into the Aspers leg of the SPT (Saturday 10th December). I would really like to play as it's likely to be heavily NPF attended which as a result will give a good atmosphere, but I really can't be arsed with the £24 satellites (I'm in for £96 so far, wish me luck). Like I mentioned when opening this post Christmas is always good fun, with lots to look forward to including numerous parties, nights out and novelty poker tournaments. I'm awaiting the release of Circus' Christmas schedule before I can lock down any tournaments I'm certain to play, but I know from previous years kind of what to expect.

Looking a little further forward and on Saturday 28th January my friend Steve Wills is organizing the 3rd annual CGK cup, this is an event where teams of 10 compete for team and individual prizes. I entered a team last year and so as to show my support for Steve, who really is a great guy who does so much for poker around Newcastle I have again entered TRETT MOTHER FOCKERS. I of course extended my invitations to all who represented me last year, and for those that couldn't make it I found replacements. As things stand I'm absolutely delighted with my team;

1) Dan “Full Tilit” Trett (Captain)
2) Craig "mac5910" McDowell
3) David “Camel Toe” Atkinson
4) Ally "8BallAlly" Mooney
5) Alison “Mrs Fatfish” McAree
6) William "dapperdan08" Poulsen
7) Jonny Bowers
8) Scotty "Scotty" Hocking
9) George "GeoKing" Lawson
10) James "BrickontheRiver" Howard

The first 6 all proudly represented me last year and the final 4 are all new recruits replacing players who either can't play and/or just don't want to, so yeah I think we have a great chance to make some noise but most importantly we'll all be there to have some fun.

During my downtime I took some time to evaluate where I see myself heading, I'm 27 next week and as I begin to mature it seems things become a little more clear despite the bachelor playboy lifestyle I'm enjoying. I see school friends now getting engaged, married, and even becoming fathers which I guess is cool their concise with the direction their life is heading, but for me it's just not something that interests me right now. It's something I'm at peace with after all whatever the future holds, I will for sure look back on my twenties with fond memories of my experiences.

Thanks for reading guys.

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