Trett Digest Volume 14

Some of you will notice it's been almost three months since my last entry, guess the novelty has well and truly wore off from the days I used to summarize every tournament and blog every week. I suspect that happens to everybody and every blog over time, some just maybe have a longer life depending on the individual I suppose. I'm still around and will check-in here from time to time, so here I'll give a brief digest of how I've been these last three months.

Shortly after my last digest the poker players tour visited the Newcastle Grosvenor, this was a £100 event which was very heavily populated with NPF members and locals. I bust sometime during the second level, I don't remember the details but know I was playing very loose so most likely got them in bad. The tour's photographer though seemed a little obsessed with me during my short stay, taking three photos before I bust out.

The months between my last posts have been reasonably busy I guess, I played in both the Aspers and Teesside May festivals. Been to two weddings including my cousin Phil Brannigan, and good friend Chris Alexander. Had a pretty heavy bank holiday weekend over the Queens Jubilee in June, out pretty much non stop from Friday 1st through to Tuesday 5th. Had a few ace nights out with the poker boys, who I know will all be reading so big shout out to you guys. Hit up Las Vegas for an awesome week with amazing people, stay tuned for my trip report coming soon.

Closing off with a brag (I only blog when I'm bragging) I'm away to the Island of Pag in Croatia on 16th July, so thought I'd leave you with this YouTube video courtesy of ortodox3;


I really appreciate you guys reading, have a great Summer.

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