Australian Digest Volume 08

I closed off ADV07 saying I would be back in short order to hit on a few topics that I didn't include. First and foremost I'm no longer being threatened to leave, this is completely down to Lisa who explained to Sam (our landlord) in detail the situation. I feel a little agitated that Sam wouldn't listen to me in the first place and that it took an independent third party for him to absorb my side of the story, but that is something that is out of my hands I guess. I owe Lisa a lot and it's comforting knowing that even though we've only known each other a few months, that for no personal benefit of her own that she will stand by me and not allow this injustice. I got her a card and a box Ferrero Rocher to go someway towards showing my appreciation.

Speaking of Lisa I've been out to the cinema with her to watch a couple of movies, we've seen The Impossible and Safe Haven. The Impossible is a true story based on a families experience during the 2004 Boxing Day Indian ocean earthquake and tsunami, it's a very moving and inspirational movie which I would recommend checking out. Whilst Safe Haven is an affirming and suspenseful story about a young woman's struggle to love again, likewise although this is not fantastic it's worth checking out in my opinion.

As planned I've been pushing the tourist activities hard recently, on Friday 8th February I got over to the Royal Botanic Gardens. Whilst there I took some time out to explore the grounds and inside of the sophisticated Government House, visited the exposed sandstone rock on a peninsula famously known as Mrs Macquarie's Chair before finally relaxing by Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool for lunch and a couple of ice cold waters to cool down.

Followed that up the next weekend on Sunday 16th with the majestic coastal walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach. This is a combination of beaches, parks and spectacular views making it the most unique and popular walk in Sydney. I was joined by Kerry Miller again, who is just an ace girl whom I share similar interests and Australian hopes/ambitions. This is completey free too, so if you're in Sydney and on a tight budget this is worth bearing in mind.

I've also spent sometime with my boy Steven Lee, we've had different agenda's since arriving here in Sydney so really haven't seen as much of each other as either of us would have liked. We're both to blame though and should make more of an effort, it was on Monday 18th and I blew off the $200 Turbo to catch up with him at Star Bar for some dinner. It was nice to just catch up about how we've both been enjoying our time here. He's seeing some of the East coast for ten days leaving on Friday, so he's pretty pumped for that and I'm left feeling envious and jealous but totally delighted for him. We both agreed when he get's back we'll make more of an effort to see each other, at least once a week which I'm sure we can manage.

Back home I would just like to give a big mention to all my boys at the NPF, who at the weekend were all down North Shields at the JJB Soccer Dome swapping the green felt for the green astro turf. It was for the fourth annual NPF Football Day, which is always a fantastic day with everyone getting involved and playing in the right friendly but competitive spirit. I was disappointed to miss it but in the same breath nice to read about and watch the YouTube clips of the day. Congratulations to my friend Sam James who captained Re'alstorey Madrid to victory, beating Marc Brewis' spoondoggers in the final.

Looking further forward and I've touched on this in my NPF FTP thread, I'm exploring the possibility of heading to West Australia with Victoria Ling to sign off three months agricultural work. Victoria is a brilliant girl who I met through our mutual friend Alison McAree when she visited last month, you may remember her from my Harbour Bridge Climb photos. The three months agricultural work is the only option open to me to extend my visa for an extra twelve months, so it's important to me to really consider carefully if that is what I want. It's a wonderful opportunity and I feel this road trip will be a worthwhile and memorable experience, which will give me the chance to see so much of this wonderful country. It's a difficult decision for me, so I'm taking my time to digest and consider all my paths.

Taking a quick glimpse into my weekend ahead, tomorrow (Friday 22nd) it's forecast to rain. So I plan on just pushing the exercise and training hard, I want to hurt myself morning, afternoon and evening. Saturday will be a little bit more relaxed as I have plans with Kerry Miller to visit the Museum of Sydney through the day, then on the evening we have a tall ship cruise with open bar, dining and live music departing at 20:00 from Campbell's Cove reserved. So I'm well pumped for that, although with my new diet regime I obviously won't be taking full advantage of the open bar or restaurant menu. See YouTube link below, courtesy of 3iwebsolutions;

Sydney Harbour Cruise

Then closing off a nice weekend watching QPR vs. Man Utd at 24/7 Sports Bar in the early hours of Sunday morning, before sleeping, training and then back to The Star for a $250 ANZPT main event satellite in the afternoon. Whilst on the topic of poker and particularly the ANZPT which is visiting Sydney between 13th and 24th of March, I'm hoping to put together a schedule of five events totaling $2,860 which I'll hope to sell 50% of with no mark up or make up. To be honest I'm not expecting to sell much if any after my performance in Decembers Star Summer Series, but I feel it's important for me to watch my bank balance and to offer previous backers an opportunity to regain their losses.

That's all for now folks

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