Australian Digest Volume 14

I'll wrap this past month up here in Australia in one digest. I landed in Sydney on Wednesday 15th May around 06:00, after picking up a breakfast from McDonald's I headed straight home to relax, watch some television, surf the internet and catch some sleep. Then in true degenerate style I headed over to The Star to get involved in the weekly $300 and unbelievably despite the jetlag I managed to close it out for $7,900. I thought I played pretty well, but there's no hiding I'm obviously running absolutely amazing right now and bang on the upswing of variance. #longmayitcontinue

On Tuesday 21st May I took a cruise out to Fort Denison in the heart of Darling Harbour, here I took the opportunity to have a guided tour where I learned the history and colourful past of the island. For example I now know since 1857 it's been a fishing spot, defence structure, navigational guide, tide gauge station, weather station, time marker and now a restaurant. Before departing I enjoyed a roast chicken lunch and glass of wine followed by a sticky date pudding at the island restaurant. A thoroughly relaxing, enjoyable and delicious way to spend the afternoon.

Through out the month I've also been smashing the trips to the cinema, clicking up nine visits since I've been back in Australia. My mobile contract is with Optus and they have a reward scheme with Hoyts cinema to get half price tickets, which I guess goes someway towards explaining my frequent visits. I've been alone, with my home boy Steven Lee, with my friend Kerry Miller and also with my sexy ex-housemate Lisa Glanville. Throughout the month in no particular order I've seen The Hangover Part III, Fast & Furious 6, Snitch, The Big Wedding, The Place Beyond The Pines, The Internship, Dead Man Down, The Call and finally Iron Man 3. These all varied in quality from okay to very good, I didn't think any were really bad and the highlight which was to be expect was The Hangover Part III.

As much as I'm loving and cherishing every day of my life right now, I can't help but think about activities over the UK which I'm missing out on at the minute. Over the next month or so I'm going to miss three of my friends weddings, which as you all know means I'm also missing three epic bachelor parties, another friends engagement party and finally my Dad, brother Steven and both uncles are off to Dublin for a weekend on the drink. I'm usually all over these special occasions and events, so it goes without saying I'm gutted to miss them all.

You may have noticed I haven't been mentioning my diet and exercise regime so much lately, this is largely down to the fact that I've been neglecting it somewhat which I'm admittedly very disappointed in myself about. I mean not so much my diet, I still feel although not perfect that I have that right and I'm content with where it's at for now. But I've done no exercise in over a month and I can make excuses like I've been over the USA and stuff, but the truth is everywhere had a gym and I've just been lazy. I'm hoping to get my motivation back soon and I can feel it coming, I know the benefits of working out and how much better you feel about yourself inside. It's a great feeling and one I want back. Because I've still been eating reasonably well I haven't actually put on any weight, as of 12th June 2013 I'm 81.1kg but I don't feel anywhere near as good as a month ago. #stopwishingstartdoing

I've also done a bunch of others things during this month here in Sydney which I'll congest as I'm conscious this is getting a little long, I've been out for dinner to Zaaffran on Darling Harbour with Steesh which is widely considered the best Indian restaurant in Sydney. As well as my weekly schedule of games I've played the $1,000 Super Sunday event, $500 Queens Birthday event and headed to a private home game with my Sydney based poker buddies all of which were unrewarding adventures. I took a two hour drive south of Sydney to Kangaroo Valley for two nights, spending my time relaxing with some horse riding and fishing. Then finally booked a cruise with my friend Kerry Miller to watch the Vivid Sydney, which is basically a festival of lights around Darling Harbour and Circular Quay. This was also Kerry's birthday and the weekend before she left Sydney, so it was a great final night to spend with someone who has had a real net positive on my time here in Australia.

I had a bitch of night yesterday as I came home to find my apartment had been screwed, I can say quite confidently I have never felt so violated and pissed off in my entire adult life. I was completely overcome by anger. I had some cash in both USD and AUD too ready for my imminent trip to Vegas, which was taken and left me rushing about spending most of my time on the phone to the UK and USA to put something in place. Looking forward and on a more positive note I'm flying back out to Las Vegas tomorrow to catch up with all my very good friends from the NPF, I'm mega stoked to see the guys and enjoy what I'm sure will be a fantastic trip.


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