Circus Grand Final £4,000 Freeroll

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Moving on to Saturday 12th December & it was time for the grand final of “Circus’s Poker League” which they had ran between August 17th - December 12th, IDK for sure but I understand to qualify for this you had to place 10+ in 1 of their nightly leagues & your POS determined how many starting chips you got. FTP had 3 qualifiers all looking for their slice of the £4,000 prize pool;

T1-S1) Kevin Trett w/6,000
T5-S9) Steve Trett w/12,500
T6-S5) George Trett w/20,000

Ironically all are taxi drivers by trade & Saturday night is their bread & butter so IYAM they will all be looking to gather chips early & make a charge FTW or bust out early & get on the roads to earn a crust. Amongst the field were accomplished NE players & NPFers including;

Ifrikher Ali
Stevie Sensation
Sean McGuigan
Steve “CGK” Wills
Russ “The Suit” Taylor

To name a select few among 47 other’s taking the field up to 60 for this elusive freeroll. The £4,000 was spread across the FT & w/11 remaining a £50 bubble prize was decided to come off 1st place so the prize pool was structured as follows;

1) £1200
2) £750
3) £500
4) £380
5) £300
6) £250
7) £200
8) £150
9) £120
10) £100
11) £50 “Bubble Prize”

Details of the MTT can be found over the NPF posted by CGK in the “Live Tournament Updates” section titled "circus league final";

circus league final

Unfortunately I have no hand details but understand after going in as the SS & w/FTW approach KT was an early casualty taken out by NPFer BOB THE GOB after less than half an hour of play in an attempt to gather some chips & momentum. I understand ST increased his stack when he called Stevie Sensations open out of the BB & lead at the Q32 w/2 clubs flop w/AXc for NFD, & when faced w/2BET he make’s the call & when Jc hit’s the turn it goes C/C & river 7d brings another C/C unfortunately playing hand OOP meant ST opted to CK trap rather than VBET the river & ultimately missing out on potential value from Stevie Sensation holding 88, sigh NVM. By end of level 2 it was 5:30pm & the buffet break…as mentioned earlier we had lost KT but still had GT & ST within the 46 remaining players & GT w/20,000 & unconfirmed chip count on ST. After losing some momentum & some of his stack GT then got QQ AIPF vs. David Armbruster’s KK at 300/600 level, & w/8910Jx board GT found a straight to double through back to 20,000 w/18,000 average & knock David Armbruster out at the same time.

News then filtered through to me that GT had taken the CL w/QJ vs. luvdatoon’s AQ on a Jxxxx board so around 8:00pm I decided I would head over Circus & sweat him TID, as I was getting ready to head over I got the unfortunate news that ST was out after getting 66 AIPF vs. 1010 & when board brought no help GT was left flying the FTP flag...NVM UL ST GG. I arrived around 9:00pm & the field was whittled down to 14 w/GT still CL w/95,000+ at T1-S2 accompanied by;

3) Ifrikher Ali
4) Samj19
7) stumpy
9) Paul Nixon

Along w/2 other not so recognizable faces on the 7 handed table. Then GT get’s involved in big hand w/Samj19 & 2 other villains which gets on the back’s OTT after GT scoops a healthy side pot uncontested he has AA vs. Samj19’s 64 for smaller main pot on a board of A784 & Samj19 find’s the miracle 5 to keep his head above water.

GT then loses the CL when he call’s Ifrikher Ali’s SS UTG AIPF out of the BB w/66 & find’s himself racing vs. A8o & when board runs A8xxx GT nose dive’s to average. 11 handed & we skipped H4H as a £50 bubble prize was promptly decided on & it meant 11 was quickly narrowed down to 10 & we had a FT;

1) stumpy “13,000” 10th
2) George Trett “68,500” 5th
3) Ifrikher Ali “46,000” 4th
4) Andrew Mellor “80,000” 1st
5) Khadir AKA I Call “90,000” 9th
6) Fatpants “135,000” 3rd
7) Samj19 “35,000” 6th
8) Dom “36,000” 2nd
9) Paul Nixon “42,000” 8th
10) Paul Scott “21,000” 7th

NPFer stumpy fell in 10th after getting his SS AIPF UTG w/64 vs. AQ & finding no help which was followed by “I Call” out in 9th after he had lost big % of his stack w/KK vs. Dom’s AA...GT then finished the job w/KQ vs. his QJ & board gave him no help. Paul Nixon fall’s in 8th & GT play’s a 150,000+ pot w/AKo vs. AQs vs. KK after Paul Scott opened shoved his SS GT then went AIOTTPF to isolate out front only for Andrew Mellor to find KK in LP & of course go AI as well, the flop gave AQs a FD which didn’t get their & KK held but fortunately GT had Andrew Mellor out chipped so was still alive but only just.

Samj19 then fell in 6th to Dom who was catching some really good cards at the FT & of course Samj19's AJ was no match for the KK of Dom who I began to call the Dominator from the rail. The next hand we unfortunately lost FTPer GT when he got Q9o AIPF on BTN vs. Ifrikher Ali w/AKo out of the SB & it was 4 handed. Ifrikher Ali then ran QQ into Dominator’s AA & fell in 4th followed by Fatpants in 3rd w/A6 vs. 78 for 2P on 78xxx to none other than yip you guessed it "THE DOMINATOR".

After going into HU w/CL Dom was looking outright favourite IMO to collect 1st place & the trophy until as jimmyb put it “tourny turned on head” when Dom w/A7 got Andrew Mellor w/22 AIPF the 2’s held & now w/chips evenly distributed they agreed to chop the $$$ for £950 each & play out for the trophy.

After over an hour of HU both only playing for pride & the trophy after the $$$ was split equally it was finally put to rest when Andrew Mellor found A9 vs. Dom’s A8 & when board ran xxx9x it was all over & Andrew took home the trophy. TBH I’m a little disappointed as if GT wasn’t to collect the trophy I would have liked to see Dom win as he’s a 1st class guy & at 1 point it really looked liked he had it sewn up, NVM M8 WP GG & UL HU. Overall great MTT & FTP 1/3 w/GT getting on the FT & ITM collecting £300 for his 5th place finish, VWD GT KUTGW...finally congratulations to Andrew Mellor who I’m not familiar w/but seen him on the FT & played really well & is now the proud owner of the below “Circus Poker League Trophy”.

TY all as always for reading everybody, TTYAL.

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