FTP NLH F/O Christmas Party

1st of all I would just like to introduce & welcome our newest member & FTP’s answer to Jen Harman & that’s Diane Trett (abbreviated as Mrs. DT in future reference on FTP), she’s married to MT w/2 children so doesn’t get the chance to play as much live as she would like. However often plays online w/MT & his success is rubbing off on her as having only began playing approximately 18 months ago she has turned a small PS deposit into 3 figures using asute BRM skills grinding the micro stakes.

Moving on Sunday 6th December FTP gathered at PT’s bar “Killingworth Arms” for NLH F/O & w/3 open tables it meant entrants were capped at 30 & it for sure was going to be a sell out w/30 players pre-registered leaving a deposit for their seat. Despite being told a week earlier to reserve his seat w/deposit ST failed to do this although as it happens 2 players didn’t show so he could have taken a seat as a reserve but he wasn’t around so missed out on the occasion, which was a shame as rest of FTP were their & drink was flowing so lots of piss taking was in order for what was sure to be great night.

As 25% of the field was getting ITM the structure was pretty flat from 7th-3rd but still good FTW. The structure was 25,000 w/15 minute clock which meant all though 250BB deep from the off the short clock would soon attack your stack forcing you to get busy, all players also agreed to play in highest hand (HH) of the night competition which was won by a young local Killingworth lad holding quad 9’s. I arrived w/GT around 7:45pm before an 8:00pm start & caught up w/MT & Mrs. DT before taking my seat at T3-S3 w/FTPers KT & PT in seats 2 & 5 respectively, GT was T1-S8, finally MT & Mrs. DT were T2-S7 & T2-S8 respectively.

By the 9:00pm buffet break I had increased my stack to 35,000 when after MP limper I completed in SB w/QJo & BB knuckled to a 3 handed flop w/600 ITM which fell A109r & I lead for 400 which brought a pass from BB & 1200 2BET from MP which I called. Turn was a rag & I C/C another 1200 & when 8x hit the river I C/R villain’s 1200 river bet up to 7200 which was paid off w/A10s for T2P. The buffet as is standard w/PT functions was 1st class having a selection of a turkey roast, chilli con carne, & chicken curry all complimentary for players & considering there was zero registration it’s testament to PT’s generosity towards friends & family.

Shortly after the break I sent KT to the rail at 300/600 when he completed after LP limper in the SB w/Q6s & I checked in BB w/K3o so we took a flop w/1800 ITM which fell Qx3r. KT checked & I lead for 1100 which was called by 1 LP + KT so now 5200 ITM when a blank turned & it got checked to the river which was a 3x & after KT lead for ½PSB I deliberated on how much to 2BET before deciding to go for max value & get it AI which after some deliberation KT made the call w/TP & was sent to the rail as I went north of 60,000.

Over to MT who played patiently until 400/800 level & decided to play his POS & try accumulate some chips for when blinds increase in business end, 1st big pot was w/45 after calling a 3xBB raise OTB & getting AIOTF 678 vs. JJ & held for 50,000ish. Mrs. DT to MT’s immediate left as always played solid all night but after looking at rags all night only winning small pots holding small/medium pairs she ran AK into KK losing 30,000 chip pot, then finally trying a stop & go w/77 OTF of 10QK to be called by JJ & hit the rail 18/20ish.

Back to me at 500/1000 I was on the wrong end of a cold deck when PT limped from EP & 2 others (including family friend Rob Flett) from LP joined me in the BB & including SB we took a flop 5 handed w/5000 ITM. The flop fell 4c5x7c & I was holding 67o for TP+OESD & lead for 4000 which brought a call from PT & SS villain moved AI for 5500 which Rob called, SB passed then of course me & PT paid the extra 1500. Now 27,000 ITM over 1 villain & 8x hit’s the turn completing my SD & w/FD out I’m not in the mood for slow playing so lead for 15,000 which is called by PT & Rob & now w/72,000 ITM between both pots. The 7x hit’s the river pairing the board which isn’t ideal but at least it isn’t a club & I put out a 10,000 stopper bet which brings an AI from PT for an extra 6,000 & Rob folds & by now I know MHING but have to make the call w/PO of 18-1 & shown 44 for a rivered FH, & Rob showed A8c for NFD+TPTK OTT. So the 100,000 pot went in PTs direction & I was back to where I started w/25,000 FML NVM.

Table 1 broke & GT joined us in T3-S6 & after previously being crippled by PT, GT then finished the job at 1000/2000 when I got my now 13BB stack AIOTF 3x6h7h w/A5h vs. QQ & having IS+FD & 1 over to get back at average stack, I missed & exited 14/28 whilst GT took his stack to over 100,000 & I went to join KT on the side table around 10:30pm & ordered another pint.

Around half an hour later the FT began w/FTPers MT, GT, & PT all present & only 3 spots away from ITM but all had FTW mindset & were prepared to go bust OOTM if necessary. So although I had chips sitting on the side table I spent limited time actually playing & was sat out majority of the time whilst I railed the FT & slurred drunken profanities towards FTPers on FT & particularly GT who I kept saying had the C/F play boxed, PMSL was all good crack. With the ever increasing blinds 10 was whittled down to 5 when PT hit the rail getting KQ AIPF vs. Ax & finding no help to bust in 5th place finish. Another 1 down & 3 handed GT played the MTT deciding hand w/MT when a 400,000 chip pot went in MT’s direction after getting AIOTR 44xKx & GT holding Kx for kings up vs. MT w/4x for trips.

GT never recovered from this hit & suffered the same fate as PT when he got KQ AIPF vs. Ax & when the board gave him no help he went out in 3rd. So MT found himself HU w/400,000 vs. villains 300,000 & it was a very short HU game as he got AIOTF of 8h9d4h w/Q8d for MP & BDS+FD’s vs. 10Jo for OESD & 2 over’s & when turn/river were 3s/Ah respectively his MP had held & he was crowned “FTP Christmas Party Champion”.

Had a good laugh afterwards as we were messing around taking photo’s for FTP & I was apologising to all the other railers for the inconvenience as we pretend it was mandatory to take photo’s for Coral as part of his sponsorship, PMSL. So overall a great nights entertainment, we left around 1:00am & GT taxied all of FTP home as he was the only 1 not drinking.



  1. proppa crimbo jumper on the winner mind

    looked a gr8 night nice report and slowly getting used to the abrevs

  2. Pleased to read even a "Dobba" can understand the abbreviations, there's time for the "Radgies" yet...TY as always for stopping by & commenting M8.

  3. Nice write up bro. Was a great night out and already looking forward to the next one.


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