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2nd November 2009
Ridla “Looks great Dan, ill get a link whacked up on mine soon as.”

playa “nice read mate”

roscopiko “Nice one, keep it updated I've linked you up”

3rd November 2009
teamdobb “weeeeeeeeeeeeee sorted ya commnets box and how to put pics up ya flying now. nice report & good luck with Full Trett Poker. love the theme n play on name”

9th November 2009
GazWalker “Good work mate, coming on really well.”

16th November 2009
stumpy “nice blog nd great write up as usual wp sir”

Simmy3k “great write up of the day Dan. I think your hand reviews are excellent.”

mag1982 “nice write up dan”

19th November 2009
Ukgatsby “Great write up”

2nd December 2009
Daleroxxu “nice blog guys - i've put up a link from mine gl”

4th December 2009
rosi “nice reading, wp!!!”

5th December 2009
pads1161 “my fave blog atm”

Groomi “Love the vegas write-up. Makes the wait for my 21st birthday all the more difficult!!”

7th December 2009
James Browning “Had a quick glance, looks great!”

9th December 2009
Tingate “Quality read lads =] , you have some sick memory too lol =P Grats to Mark for the continuing binks”

13th December 2009
Dom “Nice write up Dan. Loving the Blog. WP.”

14th December 2009
pads1161 “brilliant as per usual mate.”

GazWalker “Good work Daniel-san.”

Phlmc “top blogging lads; keep it up”

LD Lotty “A report for the ages......incredible.......I really enjoyed it. It could be an entire chapter in a book!”

15th December 2009
social casualty “wow”

dcarp “Wow, that was the greatest TR I have ever read.”

reyesaj “An amazing report! Hope it wasn't your last trip out to LV and that you have more great reports to share from 2007 on!”

Amatay “Alright mate, wicked blog. Vegas is the bollocks innit :-)”

16th December 2009
Stevie Sensation “Where the hell is todays new blog post!!!!! Great blog.”

S*LA*L* “Yeah nice blog m8, only problem seems time just disappears wen im reading it and before i know it ive missed something i was gona do/watch lol Good stuff tho.”

Buzz “yer the vegas write ups are actualy edge of seat stuff lol”

larfingravy “Wahey I get name dropped in a TR and what a great TR to get name dropped in. Nothing hidden in this one! Believe me it'd be harder to meet a nicer fella. Here's to meeting again in LV”

Kevin Stevens “Jesus that took a long time! Worth it though, great write up, thanks.”

18th December 2009
Scorpio Blue AKA mrflushy “thanks for the pos+ comments :) Ben”

19th December 2009
Snake Eyes “Nice post Daniel, linked up as requested, cool blog.”

Tingate “Quality update as usual mate =]”

20th December 2009
pads1161 "impressive interview"

23rd December 2009
GazWalker "Great updates DT, love the interview"

stumpy "nice report again dan"

28th December 2009
Stevie Sensation "Weee. Going to read now."

Fenix35 "nice report. Good luck in 2010"

10th January 2010
Phlmc "excellent blog, well maintained"

16th January 2010
jonlundy "nice blog thow. glglgllglgl PEACE"

18th January 2010
pads1161 "Nice read, gratz on the cash Mark and VUL not to TID."

19th January 2010
2-cats "Great read lads keep it up"

Brenos "Nice TR. Link up now, GL with the cash endeavours :-)"

MR DAZ "just had a good look through ya blog and and canny impressed!!! very good read!!"

KQ4EVA "have your blog in my favourites"

23rd January 2010
Stacey Lynn "Wow, I really like that alot. I will add to my site right now!" (Las Vegas Poker Source)

26th January 2010
TEAMDOBB “nice detailed report as norm”

Samj19 “good read.”

27th January 2010
Jimmy Chipmunk “nice read Mark”

Pads1161 “Nice report + GL w/Manchester.”

28th January 2010
JuniorBomber "cheers Dan....helped a lot"

5th February 2010
TEAMDOBB "VG as norm and the interview questions re; highlighted player is sorta unique amongst blogs and proves the time & effort you lads are putting into this blog"

6th February 2010
Varzee "nice post m8y."

KQ4EVA "Nice write up Dan, thanks for the compliments too."

7th February 2010
Natalie "great read x"

pads1161 "Fun read mate"

Nutflush "Now that is a proper boys trip! Really interesting read mate"

10th February 2010
JuniorBomber "FTP is going to ruin my degree. Instead of doing work I just read your blog. Keep up the good work!"

Varzee "nice idea"

GazWalker "Nice updates lads "

Roscopiko "Top work as ever."

Natalie "Once again a great read, looking forward to the next update"

11th February 2010
TEAMDOBB"Spot on mate and KUTGW. alot of mileage in this ladsgreat stuff and very interesting"

Dom "Quality interview. It's really impressive how much time and effort you put into the blog.GG.WP"

Tingate "Great updates lads and quality interview & answers. =] KUTGW!"

stumpy "n1 dan and mark another good read kutgw."

February 15th 2010
The Cub “Hiya mate.....gr8 interveiw with swampy”

February 16th 2010
Weebrick “great interview daniel, i have had the pleasure of meeting paul a few times one of the true gents of poker, all the best for 2010 paul”

Landfill “really enjoyed that”

Kev B “Excellent interview.”

Jonny Tingate “Quality executions of the interviews and the interviewees you're finding are making for some very good reads.”

2-cats “Great read but i new it would be.”

17th February 2010
dapperdanman “Good stuff :)”

18th February 2010
Rage “Very good tournament report.”

19th February 2010
Natalie “Great read, better luck next time x”

NRH “Good proper blog; one that is updated daily~ interesting and always a good depth. Only offsite blog I read. Nice to see it still going strong and not fading like almost every other you come across”

BGR1 “Great update guys! keep up the good work!”

teamdobb “its probably the most in depth blog in the UK imo. Attention to detail and input is amazing tbh and I was fascinated to see Dan making notes and constantly checking the levels etc on the screen during the Circus £75 game.”

Nutflush “Best blog out there by a country mile, keep up the good work lads”

8BallAlly “The blog is absolutely superb reading. Long may it continue.”

Daniel Vee “I like this blog keep it up”

20th February 2010
teamdobb “well done again”

1st March 2010
Pads1161 “Really impressed that you got this up so early in the morning after you obv had a hangover. wpwpwp. Really enjoy reading every different kind of blog you write, whether that is degen stories in vegas, tourny reports, or summing up NPF meet ups etc. KUTGW.”

Jack Ellwood “Had a quick look at it the other day, pretty impressive.”

Koyte “good read as always”

27th February 2010
stumpy “nice reports keep it up a bink is due soon”

28th February 2010
CGK “top stuff mate and the best thing imo to come out of you being a member is your blog, by far and away the best poker blog out there top top stuff”

Looseman “The Blog and related info on here about Vegas are some of the most useful stuff you can read so well done for the input it is much appreciated.”

4th March 2010
mulhuzz “excellent job mate and nice blog. KUTGW ;)”

stumpy “weeeeeeeee nice 1 dan and mark mind you its aboot time you won summit haha kutgw stumpy”

natalie “great read once again, welldone on the win x”

Dom “Nice write up Lads and WP on tues.”

Thanks everybody for the kind inspirational words.

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