George Trett Biography

George Leonard Trett
12th June 1958
Princess Mary Maternity Hospital, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

George was raised by parents George Snr. & Ethel along with sister Lynn & fellow FTP members & brothers Paul/Kevin in Byker & under instruction from catholic parents he was educated over St. Josephs, Killingworth although his religious beliefs didn’t mirror that of his parents. Upon leaving school George moved to Cramlington in the 1960’s & met wife of 20+ years Diane in the 1970's whom together they raised Steven, Mark, & Daniel serving as a mechanic by day & security staff on the evening to provide for his family. Growing up with George Snr. & surround by gambling uncles, brothers, etc meant George played various forms of stud poker at a micro limit & this continued throughout most family gatherings but it wasn’t until decades later towards the backend of 2007 that George began playing the Cadillac of poker NLH. George like many of FTP began playing over Paul’s bar where he hosted a weekly £5+R MTT which attracted between 20-30 runners, it wasn’t long before George was regularly getting in the money & decided to take his game to the next level vs. Newcastle poker community by becoming a regular over Circus casino frequenting approximately 2-3 times per week. George quickly translated his success from the bar over to the casino when between August 17th & December 12th 2009 he actively competed in the “Circus Poker League” concentrating on Thursday’s & after 4 months all his hard work paid off as he came in 1st place giving him a commanding chip stack to take to the Circus Grand Final £4,000 Freeroll of which he made the final table getting ITM. Although George is predominantly a local tournament player in 2009 he became the 1st member of FTP to play in the WSOP as he travelled out to Las Vegas to compete in the $1000 (+$100) event #39 seniors NLH world championship over the Rio. More recently George is now a self employed taxi driver by trade & is fortunate enough to be mortgage free so has the freedom to be quite flexible in the hours he puts in which frees up a lot of his time for his weekly casino visits, to spend time with his partner Carol, & to watch various poker on TV including WSOP, High Stakes Poker, & Poker After Dark. George is commonly known to FTPers by the nickname “Geordie Raymer” for his remarkable resemblance to 2004 WSOP main event winner Greg “Fossilman” Raymer’s body language whilst at the table & to further cement the nickname during FTP’s January 2009 Las Vegas trip George sported the famous lizard eye hologram shades whilst at the felt.

George is a highly regarded player within FTP & his exceptional record in NPS & his frequent appearances on FT’s only serve to cement his reputation as a 1st class NLH tournament player.


  1. ya Dad will be well pleased with ya description!!!!

  2. Yea I've had feedback & he was delighted ;-)

  3. Great to find out more about you and your background.
    When are you going to start teaching the kids!

  4. Yo Danny. I'm pleased you enjoyed it, TY for the feedback.


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