Kevin Trett Biography

Kevin Trett
17th January 1967
Princess Mary Maternity Hospital, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Kevin was raised by parents George Snr. & Ethel along with sister Lynn & fellow FTP members & older brothers Paul/George in Cramlington & unlike his siblings for ease of travelling Kevin didn’t attend a catholic school & instead was educated at public school CCHS. Kevin left CCHS in 1986 & began working between a number of jobs to provide for his then 1yr old daughter Danielle, Kevin has since had 3 other children Tonii, Callum, & Jordan which he provides for. Kevin inherited a love of gambling at young age largely from eldest brother Paul & would always actively compete in all micro limit stud poker games during all family gatherings mainly over Christmas but it wasn’t until some considerable time later that Kevin was introduced to NLH in summer of 2007 when he became a regular over Paul’s bar for his weekly Sunday £5+R MTT. Shortly after increasing his confidence over the bar Kevin began to incorporate midweek Circus casino visits to measure his competence vs. Newcastle poker regulars & his game quickly matured, more recently although still playing selective weekly MTT’s Kevin has concentrated on polishing his live NLH cash game & is a regular over the nightly Grosvenor 50NL. Kevin like 3/7 of FTP is a self employed taxi driver by trade which given the flexible hours allows him to be on the road when the action over casino is slow & likewise be at the felt for the juicy sweet cash action. Kevin’s nickname with FTP is “You-Bet Kev Trett” for his attitude of being prepared to gamble on almost anything & coupled with the obvious rhythmic link however it’s often abbreviated as simply “You Bet” for ease of speech.

In a nutshell Kevin lives, breathes, eats, & sleeps poker.

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