Circus £50 (+£5) NLH F/O w/£500 Added

Yo FTP. Tuesday I was over Circus for their monthly £50 F/O but before summarizing the MTT I’d just like to report some micro live success as I ventured over Circus for their free sit down £5+R on Monday, unfortunately it was a last minute decision & I arrived late which meant I missed the free sit down & had to BI anyway but NVM. Moving on they have a £1000 GTD & w/£695 generate after the rebuy period meant their was a very juicy £305 overlay & 50% of the field were already felted, N1. I met a couple of NPFers for the 1st time 8BallAlly & KQ4EVA who were both top blokes & complimented me on FTP, so TY again for the kind words lads if your reading & nice meeting you’s. Anyway I made the FT w/100,000 & slowly chipped up only showing 1 hand down to 300,000 by the time it was 4 handed & w/3 others only having 80,000ish each I suggest I would take 1st place for £300 & they’d split 2nd, 3rd, & 4th ensuring they all got just south of 2nd place & approximately £130 each, so although not much still nice to make amends with the poker gods & report some success which TBH has been few & far between for me lately both live & online. Finally quick mention to John “Scouse” Robinson who is top bloke & I’m good friends with him & all his family including his wife & 2 kids Simon & Stuart who was 1/3 of the others who split so N1 M8, KUTGW.

Moving on 1st Tuesday of the month has become kind of religion to head to Circus for the famous £50 F/O & this was no different w/119 runners creating a prize pool of £6,450 including the £500 added which was distributed between top 10%;

1) £1,900
2) £1,195
3) £760
4) £580
5) £485
6) £385
7) £320
8) £260
9) £195
10) £130
11) £95
12) £80
13) £65 “Bubble”

So after arriving late & missing the 1st hand I take my seat at T5-S5 w/NE regulars;

1) Dave Maudlin
8) Simmy3k
9) Ray Chan

Anyway I catch the end of the previous hand where Simmy3k is tangled up w/S3 & it eventually gets AIOTR xxQxA w/Simmy3k holding AQ vs. villains AK to felt him & we were then joined by NPFer Samj19 in S3. Then the following hand I’m in the BB & it’s the 1st hand I’ve played, I find AKo w/Ad behind Simmy3k 200 MP open & a Dave Maudlin call so 3BET up to 800 which by all a/c’s was my 1st mistake building the pot OOP. Anyway Simmy3k calls & Dave fold’s & I’ve taken control of the pot so I’m kind of ok w/PF play in that respect, w/1850 ITM the flop falls x8Jddd. I’ve got NFD w/2 overs & contemplate CBETing but after a quick glance over I don’t see it getting through so set up a C/R instead but unfortunately he pot controls & CK’s back & 7x OTT so I lead for ½PSB 800 expecting him to call w/ATs, KTs, QTs, JTs, T9s (I expect to have heard noise from JJ+ PF/OTF so disregarded all those hands) & only hand I expect him to slow play is KQd, so when he make’s the call I’ve polarized his range to 6 hands & only 1 IMO can withstand any heat OTR. Tx come’s OTR making board read x78TJddd so I quickly reassess & consider my options, Tx isn’t a great card as it completes 2P for TJs & also T9s has made a straight. I’m certain he’s going to pick of my PSB OTR so decided because I’m counterfeiting the nuts w/Ad to put him to the test & in typical Tom Dwan fashion hugely over bet the river & move AI for 7400 & Simmy3k slips into tank, after some deliberation finds a very good call to felt me in my very 1st hand. I hold my hand’s up & accept that playing this volatile in the early stages isn’t necessary so I’m a little disappointed but NVM we all have Mike Matusow blow up’s from time to time & not 1 to have anyway sour feelings as he’s a 1st class lad I shook his hand & wished him GL as I headed over Aspers for their £5+R. MT who made a deep run only to get his chips in as a 75% favourite vs. FTP killer Simmy3k & lose share’s his thoughts on his MTT;

MT "On Tuesday night and I went down to Circus to play their monthly £50 freezeout. I’d missed January’s so I was particularly looking forward to this one. I’d also been running and playing pretty well on the live scene since the start of the year so I sat down with full confidence I could do something again. I was drawn T3 S4 and shared the table with fellow NPFers Avkid & Cindabella and a few Teesside lads including Martin Turnbull who won the first Teesside 1HUNDO last November for about £3,500. I was pretty card dead in the early stages which kept me out of trouble. I came in with a few suited aces when priced in etc but never connected with anything. I don’t remember any significant pots but within a few hours I’d chipped up to double chip average. As the field was thinning we had a few new faces join our table including NRH and Craig ‘Mr E’ Foggo who I must say was great craic. It’s been a long time since I last sat down with him and we had a bit of a catch up and a good laugh. I particularly enjoyed stealing his blind up until the point when I doubled him up. I raised the CO with AKd and Mr E 3BET shoves on me for about 50% of my stack. I make the easy call and Mr E tables JJ. I miss and Foggo doubles up as drop below chip average. The blinds were increasing and my stack wasn’t moving as I patiently waited for a big hand. I eventually get my stack back when I 3BET shove over the top of a LP raise with AQ. Initial raiser looks me up with 77 and the boards fell xxxQQ for a nice double up. I was back to a healthy stack again and began to open up my range a bit more, maintaining and slowly building my stack. As we got down to the last 23 players I’m sitting on about 40,000 which was tournament chip average. It was at this point that I was moved tables for the first time all night. I sat down on my new table which was occupied by several NPF including the Bensham Brick, Jimmy Chipmunk and Simmy3k.

FTP GIM: On joining this new table I was eliminated the very 1st hand when I found 2 pair in BB holding 45 & flop ran 45Jr, I C/R Simmy3k who then 3BET me all in & when I made the call he showed up with J9s I found myself with 75% hand for 90k+ pot until turn/river brought queen queen I hit the rail & Simmy3k who already had a big chip lead grew even stronger."

So I head to Aspers & surprisingly see 40+ runners which considering the large amount of runners over Circus is impressive, I’m drawn T1-S4 w/NPCers;

2) Ridla
6) Yorkie
8) Paul Scott

Among a bunch of unfamiliar faces & I spent £25 flipping which eventually works as I win an AI to take me to approximately 10,000 just in time for the break. Build some momentum when down to final 2 tables I get AI for 35,000 chip pot w/AQc on a 9TJcc board vs. guy who couldn’t fold ATo OTF sigh NVM I shook his hand & left. I overheard him telling the table he knew I was bluffing & he had the best hand, deciding to rise above it I chose not to correct him & explain that although AT is ahead OTF that I had 60% chance of coming out ahead OTR which is what count’s.

So back over Circus & see that MT is still going in the MTT & is around CA so decided to settle at the 100NL while I wait for him, joined by;

D) spoona999
1) Ifrikher Ali
2) TEHE Thai Girl AKA Mrs. Chan
3) Me
4) Kris Lawrence “Teessider”
5) cindabella
6) Khadir “I Call” Khoshway
7) Unknown
8) avkid
9) Ray Chan

So a table full of recognizable faces with the exception of S7. Table was good crack & again I won’t bore you w/CG hands but I sat till approximately 3:00am & cashed out for £80 profit or something which kind of covered the cost of my night so no complaints.

So just left to congratulate the ITMers of which their was a bunch who are good friends of mine;

1) Teessider Kevin “Hollywood” Ho - £1900
2) Simon “Simmy3k” Cameron - £1195
3) Gordon “mrmagoogle” Wright - £760
8) Craig “MR ENTERTAINMENT” Foggo - £260
9) James “BOTR” Howard - £195

So VWD lads, KUTGW all. I managed to catch up w/2nd place finisher & good FTP friend Simon “Simmy3k” Cameron who knocked both myself & Mark out of the MTT, this can be found over our Interview section or alternatively by clicking the link below;

Interview w/Simon Cameron

Next MTT I’ll be reporting is Circus £75 (+£7.50) NLH F/O w/£500 added which has been changed to the 2nd Saturday of the month to try & increase the numbers so that’ll be on Saturday 13th February & also coincides w/MT’s Manchester PS UKIPT £500 (+£50) ME which he'll report.

DT “Au Revoir TTYAL”


  1. wow should maybe consider changing blog name to FULL DETAIL TRETT POKER

    VG as norm and the interview questions re; highlighted player is sorta unique amongst blogs and proves the time & effort you lads are putting into this blog

  2. Yo Dave. Yeah I thought the interview would be a nice touch, I'm pleased you liked it. TY for visiting & commenting. ;-)


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