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SUP Guys,

With the Coral British Masters Tour moving up north I thought I’d bring to your attention some up and coming online satellites over on Coral for your chance to win a free seat for cheap.

With leg 1 in Bristol out of the way the tour heads Northbound starting with Leeds this weekend. The remaining schedule is as follows :-

JUNE - LEEDS Gala Casino
June 11th - June 13st 2010

JULY - LIVERPOOL Gala Leo's Casino
July 9th - July 11th 2010

AUGUST - NOTTINGHAM Gala Casino Maid Marian Way
July 30th -August 1st 2010

Stockton-on Tees
Sept 10th - Sept 12th 2010

OCTOBER - EDINBURGH Gala Maybury Casino
Oct 29th - Oct 31st 2010

All venues have a £200+£20 (Friday), £500+£50 main event (Saturday and Sunday) & £100+£10 (Sunday) games.

The online satellites are as follows - the last one for Leeds is tomorrow (Thursday) night :

CBMPT Freeroll/Point roll (start time 18.15)

Freerolls - Monday, Thursday, Sunday - pays 4 tickets to $5.50 re-buy qualifier
Pointroll - Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday - pays 3 tickets to the $10+$1 qualifier - buy in for 50 VIP points

CBMPT $5.50 re-buy (start time 19.15)

Daily - one $75+$5 CBMPT Final ticket GTD

CBMPT $11 Freeze out (start time 21.00)

Daily - one $75+$5 CBMPT Final ticket GTD

CBMPT Finals

Tuesdays and Saturday final (start time 20.30) $75+$5 buy-in - one $1,125 (£750) package GTD - includes £550 main event buy-in and £200 cash for expenses.
Thursday final (start time 20.30) $75+$5 buy-in - one $825 seat only prize GTD - £550 main event buy-in.

(Please note; if you do win a main event package seat online you can select any venue you wish to play, not just the next up coming main event)

Also, tomorrow (Thursday) night at the Leeds casino (Wellington Bridge Street, Leeds, LS3 1LW, 0113-3893700) there is a satellite with six seats guaranteed; £30 re-buy with 1,500 chips for 90 minutes plus a 4,500 super-add-on.

Good luck to all who play.

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  1. Hey Mark - good trip report. It's interesting reading other people's thought processes about hands I was involved with.

    Perhaps oddly, I didn't put you on TJ in that big hand we had. I discounted you raising that pre-flop from your position, but that was a mistake by me because it fits in with you then checking the flop to take the free card. I decdided you had flopped nines full or something.

    I also write a trip report which is here:


    It was really good playing against you in Bristol and I'm quite glad the table draw kept us apart in Leeds!

    I might be in Liverpool (depending on whether England makes it to the World Cup Final... so I'll almost certainly be in liverpool) so will see you then.

    Tom F


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