Leeds CBMPT Trip Report

So yeah I made a short notice decision to travel north & support the Leeds leg of the CBMPT, I haven’t really bothered following the UK circuit this year mainly because I can’t be arsed with the travelling. In hindsight it probably wasn’t the wisest decision as I already had a busy schedule with forthcoming festivals in Newcastle, but there was a few of deciding the factors;

- Circus £75 Tournament Cancelled
- Alcohol Detox
- NPF Large Presence
- Travel Short(ish)
- World Cup Showing England Match
- Weather Terrible

For the record I’m not an alcoholic just taking a break from drinking after returning from Asia, this factored into my decision because I can’t go out with friends on the weekend. We arrive approximately 14:30pm enough time to get a late lunch & catch up with friends before the cards go in the air, I’m drawn T2-S4 with a host of recognizable faces including NPFer Sam James (1), Bristol CBMPT main event runner up Tom Fielding (6) & fellow blogger Steve Holden (8).

Anyway I guess this summary is more of a synopsis of what was a great night as I managed exactly one orbit in the tournament, I already contested 3/7 of the pots when;

AA vs. Steve Holden KK: 25/50 “20,000” (I come in out front UTG for 125 which get’s flatted in one spot before Steve Holden pumps it up 600 & it’s folded around to me. I know Steve isn’t 3BETing light here & narrow his range to QQ+/AKs so deliberate for a short time, looking to disguise the strength of my hand before making it 2,000. Steve then 5BET’s it up to 5,000 & by now he’s priced in to call my shove which naturally is AA vs. KK. King straight in the window as the board runs Kxxxx, I shake Steve’s hand & wish the table good luck as I head to the rail.)

I headed over to the bar to catch the second half of Argentina vs. Nigeria with my good friends Steve Wills & Scotty Hocking, neither of which bothered to play. I had a great laugh as I got on the Stella Artois with Scotty (so much for my detox, sigh) & although working AWOPer Phil ‘The Tower’ Heald joined us for a few, so between the four of us we had a great laugh.

Time seemingly flew by as before I knew it the tournament had broke for buffet & the 19:30 kick off between England vs. USA, at which point I was pretty well served. Teessiders Paul ‘Swampy’ Gardener & Dave Maudlin opened a book offering like-for-like Ladbrokes odds, so I quickly got £20 on Wayne Rooney 1st goal about 30 seconds before Steven Gerrard made it 1-0, oh well that bet was shorter than my tournament not even a sweat.

Shortly after NPFers Sam James & Steve ‘Sensh’ Gibson bust out so we have a few more drinks in the casino whilst playing a little 100PLO before heading into city centre to get on it, were joined after a couple of hours by Adam Matues & Neil Harvey who have also bust out the tournament. Right by now guys I’m absolute wasted so bear with me in my vague recollection of the night, but from what I can gather Scotty, Sensh, & I decided to head to Blu Bambu strip club with the others staying in the bar. Scotty went for a private dance & after waiting a minimum of an hour we had no idea where he’d getting to, so Sensh & I decided to head back to Gala casino for some 100NL action. I have no idea what time we arrived but I didn’t leave until the table broke at 7:00am, it was great crack with Jamie Dale, Neil Harvey, & Steve Gibson all playing & all drinking. I apologies for my drunken profanities to the others at the table but rest assured my heart is pure guys & it’s all meant in good spirit, so yeah to top off a great night I left the table with just shy of £700 & made approximately £500 profit so almost recouped my tournament buy-in.

I headed back to the hotel which is a short 5 minute walk from the casino & got some breakfast with Mark before getting on the road for around 8:00am & in Newcastle for late morning. Mark Trett recounts his tournament;


Just as I finish writing this both Ross ‘roscopiko’ Johnson & Paul ‘swampy’ Gardener are in the final five & guaranteed £2,420 but both are brilliant blokes & I hope their both are involved in a split, so keep it up guys & I hope your luck holds for the business end of the tournament. Moving on & both Mark & I will be playing the opening £50 (+£5) event over Aspers on Wednesday evening before Mark flies off to Tenerife for a well earned break, whilst he’s out the country I will be flying the FTP flag alone in the main event on Saturday afternoon. I know this has been poorly organised/advertised festival but I for one hope this is well attended as we in the North East are starved off decent buy in tournaments, so try & get down to support that guys.

Good Night, Good Times, Good Memories


  1. I think my previous comment got swallowed by the internet, so I'll repeat it:

    I thought it was a real shame you got busted when you did. I figured you were part of the Trett clan and was keen to see how you played. Well done on keeping your composure as you left the table - I'd have been muttering all the way out of the cardroom had it been me.

    I disagree with what you say though about Steve being commited to the hand after investing 5k. The purpose of deepstack games is so you can avoid spots like this. If he had folded then he would still have had 100bb to rebuild from which is plenty. Given how the action went down and your body language, you had AA 100% of the time and Steve should have passed.

    Finally - Good trip report.

  2. Sounds like a pretty serious level of poker compared to me. I've been playing a few years now and would love to try out against some of the best. But then I read blogs like this and think I'll never ever be good enough!!

  3. Unlucky with the AA v KK spot there Dan – but nonetheless a great trip report, I’m sure the next time we lock horns will be interesting as well.

    Your assumption that I wasn’t three betting light was spot on and I obv didn’t put you on AA – your 4 bet to 2k told me that you were strong and I also know that your good enough to lay down a lot of hands there if I follow through with a 5 bet, as I did – on making this 5 bet I knew I was committing myself to the pot if you shove there, and if I’ve walked into aces – then you’ve played it well. The action would probably have been the same AA v AA or KK v KK.

    You were just cold decked and extremely unlucky.

    Tom rightly states that your composure is commendable and a lot of players could learn from your attitude.. however once I’d made that decision to follow through with the 5bet there was no way I was folding there – I made the misread when I made the 3bet – when I made the 5bet you are right that I was pot committed.

    I would like to see Tom or anyone else commit half there stack pre holding KK and fold to a shove – be it a deep stack or a short stack tournament.

    Good luck for the future and see you soon ;-)


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