GUKPT Summer Series £300 Main Event

I was back over Grosvenor for the third night in a row this time for the main event, my preparation for this tournament was very poor as after splitting the £150 freezeout the night before I was suffering from sleep deprivation. I obviously expected with such a heavy money chasing schedule this would be the case, however I’ve had a unforgettable summer which I never usually say when spent in the UK.

I was kind of running bad before the cards were even in the air for this event as I had pre-booked ‘Premier Enclosure’ tickets to the tune of £40 with my non poker friends for the ‘John Smiths Northumberland Plate’ over Gosforth. They directly clashed as well with the cards going in the air over Grosvenor for 14:00 whilst the first race was off at 14:00 over the plate, FML guess I’ll just have to miss the highlight of Newcastle’s racing calendar.

So having played in the Grosvenor for the previous two nights in their ridiculously hot card room, I put some provisions in place to help keep cool. I booked a last minute appointment with my hairdresser to cornrow braid my hair, swapped tea for ice water, & wore t-shirt, three quarters, & flip flops. If you ask me the Grosvenor need to seriously look at installing an upgraded air condition system, everybody I spoke to mentioned the uncomfortable heat.

Anyway moving onto the tournament & with Mark just arriving in the UK during the early hours of the morning & my last minute hair appointment we were both running late & didn’t arrive until approximately an hour after the cards were in the air. Nice to see 66 runners generated £19,800 with 1st place netting £6,340 which considering runners for the previous two events isn’t bad, I was drawn T2-S1 with a few recognizable faces on the table including Neil Harvey (2), Peter Newton (3), Ian Woods (6), & Rakesh Gupta (9). I was relatively quite without really picking anything up through first three levels & then played these AIPF pots over the next few levels;

66 vs. A4: xx4xA
TT vs. A7: xxx7x
TT vs. KQ: 9xxxx
AK vs. A3: xxx3x

So winning half the hands despite three times being a 70/30 favourite, anyway this put me on chip average when I get moved to T1-S6 at level seven on same table as Chris Wood (1), Craig McDowell (4), Jamie Dale (5), & Syed Zaidi (7). Here I find a set up hand in my favour before managing to gift my 60,000 to two of the best players in the field;

AA vs. AK vs. AQ: (AIPF & I hold for 60,000 chip pot)
T8s vs. Chris Wood JTh: (Board is xxTK & I B/F after committing half my chips)
ATo vs. Dave Maudlin 45s: (Board read x5AT5 & all goes in on the river)

I played the hand vs. Chris way to aggressive out of position & he made a good read to shove with second pair vs. me on the turn. He opened up his JTh unnecessarily after the hand which was kind of a rubdown, but M’EH he’s a cool kid & I guess he was just happy with his play so wanted to get a don’t bully me message out their. Anyway I wasn’t fazed as still had chip average but found what I thought was a good opportunity to looked tilted the very next hand vs. Dave blind on blind, which was a bit of a cooler as I run my top two into his trips after over value shoving the river to bust in 13th. As far as I know both Chris & Dave are going back this afternoon already in the money with eight remaining, also Karen Newton was left when I bust so if she’s still running I would like to wish those three guys the best of luck. Mark was unfortunately an early casualty, here he recaps his day/tournament;


Sorry for the short synopsis everyone but I was looking to get in finished before lunch as I’m heading out for some food before watching the England vs. Germany match. I’ll be going over to the Grosvenor for the closing £100 (+£10) NLH Bounty F/O after the match, likely be a late registration by the time I get into city centre.

Come On The Lads

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