GUKPT Summer Series £100 Bounty

Hey Guys. Fourth night in a row on Sunday 27th June over the Grosvenor for the closing £100 bounty tournament of their summer series, this was divided 3/1 with £75 going towards the prize pool & £25 on each runners head as a prize for knocking them out. We were running approximately 45 minutes late after watching the abysmal performance by England in the last sixteen, but the Grosvenor had put some provisions in place & delayed the start time by an hour so we didn’t need to be a late entrant.

Another poor attendance as 25 runners took to the felt giving a prize pool of £1,875 with somewhere north of £700 for top spot, I was drawn T1-S6 with Jimmy Lawson (1), Emma Fullerton (2), Rakesh Gupta (4) & Az Kareem (7). I play pretty much ABC until the field thins to ten so the final table begins with the following recognizable faces Rakesh Gupta (2), Steve Wills (4), Ian Bertram (9), Syed Zaidi (10) as well as my brother Mark (5). I went bust in tenth after I find KQo twice first vs. AJo (Nemesis) & second vs. AKo (Unknown) & both times fail to improve, I did however knock Grahame Morl out earlier in the tournament to recoup £25 of my buy in. Mark faired slightly better as he finished in fifth after a £100 bubble prize was agreed & managed to knock out two bounties for a total of £150, he got coolered blind vs. blind (Ian Bertram) when he flopped trips vs. open ended straight draw & all the money flew in before the turn completed Ian’s straight. So a double final table in a GUKPT summer series & I know their was only 25 runners but don’t rain on my flame (J/K), but yeah anyway between us we made a small loss of around £30ish for the evening. This event closed what was the busiest poker month in the history of Newcastle & I’ve been grinding out tournaments off the hook. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for the kind words in the form of congratulations, well wishing, & condolences received over the month which means so much to me guys, god bless you all. Despite June’s schedule coming & going their’s still an exciting couple of months ahead though with a host of special events to look forward to;

Grosvenor £50 (+£5) World Cup Tag Team (Saturday 3rd July)
Grosvenor £200 (+20) Club Championships (Saturday 10th July)
Circus £30 (+£3) Heads Up Tournament (Sunday 1st August)
Grosvenor £300 (+£30) Team Game ‘The G Cup’ (Saturday 28th August)

As well as my normal schedule of the monthly added value tournaments over Circus/Gala & Mark has a couple of CBMPT main events in July with his sponsorship. Team Full Trett Poker (Mark & I) became the first team to register for the ‘World Cup Tag Team’ over Grosvenor next Saturday, these tag events are a great laugh & a small £27.50 individual buy in ensures you’ll have a great day. I strongly encourage readers to find a partner & participate in this event, first & foremost it’ll be a good day/night but also their’s effectively £440 added with both members of the winning team getting a seat at the £200 (+£20) Club Championships the following weekend. Thursday 1st July see’s the newly launched ‘£50 (+£5) +1 Rebuy’ over Gala Teesside which has £500 added to the prize pool, this tournament is scheduled for the first Thursday of every month. Mark & I will be looking to support this monthly if possible, so stay tuned this week all for summarizes of both events mentioned above.

Winding Down Now

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