Circus £50 (+£5) NLH F/O w/£500 Added

Yo Guys. I spent a couple of nights over my local card room Circus midweek, first of which was Tuesday for the flagship monthly £50 freezeout and second was Wednesday for their weekly £20 freezeout which I wouldn’t normally report but comes with an interesting proposition bet. As per usual another packed house with 124 runners generating £6,700 (including £500 added), I was drawn T3-S3 with Philip Proud (2), Simon Cameron (5), FTP affiliate Paul Trett (8), and NPF administrator Dave Collins (10). Very little to report as I never got above 10,000 chips, a few hands after the break I hit the rail;

74d vs. T.J. KQo: 200/400/25 “9,250” (After two villains limped I squeezed all in for 4,000 from the C/O, this uncalled would add 1,650 increasing my stack by almost 40% & if called I expected to have live cards for a double up. It’s folded around to T.J. who makes the call holding KQo, after turning broadway he has me drawing dead.)

Mark doesn’t last too much longer as he loses a race for chip average with AJ vs. 33 whilst Paul got down to the final thirty only to lose a 90,000 chip pot after getting all in with two pair only for villain Stephen Sung to catch a bigger two pair on the river. Quick shout out’s to my boys Dom Davidson, Michael Joyce, & Ian Bertram who all split for north of £1,000 with Dom getting a little extra after holding the chip lead, nice score chaps congratulations. A disappointing 0/3 for FTP but M’EH never mind, it’s such a unforgiving structure you just simply have to gamble to prevail in this tournament and lady luck wasn’t on our side. So yeah the following night I was back over, I’ll give a brief review below.

£20 Double Chance
After watching the first half of Spain vs. Germany in the semi finals of the World Cup I decided to head over to Circus for the £20 double chance, whilst registering I bought both myself and Mark into the novelty ‘£30 (+£3) Heads Up Tournament’ they have coming up on August 1st. I was drawn on the same opening table as my good friend Simon
"Simmy" Cameron. I’m quite pleased I’m joined by Simmy as I struggle to enjoy tournaments with a bunch of strangers & serious heads on the table, so having a bit crack with him helps me from donking out early. Following from the jovial banter whilst we both have approximately 11,000 chips, I agree to crossbook a 100% of my action with Simmy. This giving what pursued I guess was the FTP GIM, but more on that later and for those not familiar with the term crossbook;

“Crossbooking is a bet between two players that raise the stakes between them. In tournaments, it’s a payment of the difference between what each player cashes for. In cash games, the two players add their total chips together to determine what is on the table and at the end of the session they calculate the difference between the two stacks of chips.”

This gave me little extra excitement and action to an otherwise small buy in tournament, coupled with the edge I felt I had in the field this was an optimal crossbook to maximise my potential expected value. I ran pretty well and managed to take the lion share of a heads up split for £300 and a seat into next months ‘£50 (+£5) NLH F/O w/£500 Added’, this was particularly unlucky for Simmy who unfortunately for him bust around thirteen which was about two spots from the bubble.

Another busy weekend for FTP is imminent as I’m back over the Grosvenor for the third weekend in a row to support their ‘£200 Club Championships’, this already has north of twenty runners just from NPF members so looking like a fabulous event. Meanwhile Mark is on the road again and is off to Liverpool for the third leg of the CBMPT, so yeah all systems go from FTP.

Speak Soon Guys


  1. Anonymous14 July, 2010

    Hello mate, I think I was on your table. Apologies if I was a quiet one just get a bit nervous as only played live about 8 or 9 times. Still finding my way a bit. I was in seat 5 or 6 I think with blue shirt on.

    Anyway, cracking blog, keep up the good work.

    Phil (aka RedandWhiteTractor - NPF)

  2. Hey Phil. Thanks for the comment and no worries about being quite, everybody has to start somewhere and nerves is only natural. Thanks for the compliment on the blog and please introduce yourself next time I'm around. Good luck with your poker in the future ;-)


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