Grosvenor Club Championships

Another disappointing attendance for what could have been a great event over the Grosvenor, unfortunately by the end of registration their was only 37 runners in the field. I had a good seat draw with;

1) Ian Bertram
2) Dave Heathfield
3) Marc Mulhern
4) Me
5) Dave Collins
6) Unknown
7) Scott Collins
8) Hamid Rowshanaei
9) Unknown

The crack was good and I had a good laugh particularly with Dave as he took the piss out of me for dressing to impress, I was wearing a new FTP shirt, trousers, & smart shoes which I suppose is a slightly difference appearance to my usual cap, polo shirt, jeans, & trainers but M’EH it’s all good. Below is a photo courtesy of of both myself and Dave 'teamdobb' Collins;

I played pretty poor if I’m honest and seemed to miss a bunch of draws, call people off too light (one time I picked off a river bluff with ace high and villain turned up with a better ace high, he was either bluffing with the best hand or a sicko with an incredibly wide/light value range), didn’t price my value bets/missed them altogether, and finally found I picked my spots wrong particularly vs. Marc who had me boxed and I twice value bet river’s after he under repped his hands only for me to show up second best. I finally bust after a rollercoaster couple of hours;

95s vs. Hamid Rowshanaei K4h: 200/400/25 “10,000” (I completed from the SB behind Hamid calling from middle position, Dave checked his option and we took a flop. It fell 77Kss and I set up a check raise with my flush draw, Hamid obliges with a 800 bet which I pump up to 2,200 (40% of my remaining stack). Dave folds and I’m kind of hoping Hamid will give me credit for a seven and give it up, but I’m happy to go with it and try to catch my flush for an average stack. Hamid thinks momentarily before moving his stack over the line, I of course make the call and brick my draw to head to the rail.)

I’m not entirely happy with how I played but M’EH whatever, that’s the way it goes sometimes. I head over Aspers with Ian who had went bust approximately an orbit earlier to play some 50NL, I actually have no idea why because I hate that game but it seemed like a good idea at the time. I lost approximately £60 before taking a call from friends who were out in Newcastle, so cut my losses in favour of getting on it with the lads. It was a first class night with endless amounts of piss taking as I was out with non poker playing friends who decided to call me ‘Full Trett’ all night and kept asking me where I got my blue suede shoes, of course they didn’t care that my shoes were neither blue or suede but whatever. Back to the tournament and I would like to personally congratulate Marc 'mulhuzz' Mulhern who I understand finished second officially after already agreeing a split which seen him get £2,000, brilliant result mate and well deserved as you played ace on our first table. It’s likely Marc will post his road to success in this tournament over his blog, so be sure to check that out guys. This tournament was on simultaneously to the Liverpool CBMPT which Mark was playing and explains his absence from the Grosvenor, so hopefully he’ll give a CBMPT summary in the near future.

Moving on and I’m off out tonight to watch Holland vs. Spain in the final of the World Cup, then to Circus for the ‘£20 +1 Rebuy’. Then next weekend is the ‘Gala £100 (+£10) NLH F/O w/£1,000 Added’ down Teesside, which both Mark and I will be playing. Finally I’m at a point where I don’t have the drive to continue posting tournament recaps in all our monthly tournaments like I have done since launching FTP, of course I will blog every now and then but most regular readers will agree all tournament reviews lately have been very half-hearted efforts.

Bye For Now


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