Gala £50 (+£5) +1 Rebuy

Hey Guys. I’ll be keeping this synopsis pretty brief after what was an all round disappointing evening, so yesterday I travelled south to Teesside for the newly launched £50 +1 Rebuy tournament which with 40 runners would have an added £500. I made the journey alone as Mark was at his son Zach’s 1st birthday party, he however had provisions in place to join as a late entrant. The game didn’t get 40 players & only managed 26, which I was most disappointed about after making the 50 minute drive. I rang Mark immediately to tell him the situation, explaining it wasn’t worth his time travelling down.

I was drawn T3-S7 with C.T. Law (2) & Kris Lawrence (8) the only guys I recognized, they were in fact probably they only Teesside regulars I recognized in the small field. The small field meant the prize pool was really poor, so I quickly made my mind up to gather chips ASAP & charge for the win or head back north double sharp;

AKo vs. J8s: 50/100 “10,000” (I opened UTG+1 to 350 behind UTG limps, I get two callers of which one was the UTG limper. Flop is AxJcc & after checked to me I lead for 500, which get’s called by UTG limper. Turn is an off suit jack which I guess could have tripped him up, but after it’s checked to me I don’t like checking back & giving flush draws a free one so bet 1,500. The guy then check raises me all in, sigh I know for sure he has it but with 2,350 of my 5,000 stack out their I’m just too stubborn to leave it behind & call.)


AQc vs. QTh: 50/100 “9,000” (Three limpers onto my blind & I make my intentions clear by raising my option 800 total, in a word I’m not folding & going with this hand. I find two callers, so take a flop with 2,600 in the middle which falls x9T. I have approximately 3,200 left & open shove, this get’s called by the BTN holding QT which holds to send me to the rail.)

As I was leaving I caught up with Chris Wood who was in for a cash game, I spoke with him for approximately 10 minutes mainly regarding his forthcoming trip to Las Vegas. He won a seat to the WSOP main event around a month back, so he was really excited about playing that. I would like to wish him the very best of luck on behalf of myself & Mark, but more importantly have a fantastic trip which I’m sure you will mate.

Moving on & to further commiserate my already disappointing evening the A19 was closed for road works, so I was diverted through Hartlepool adding around half an hour to my journey home. In a nutshell I don’t mind busting early & happy with my approach all things consider, however it’s simply not worth my time to travel 40 miles for a 26 player tournament with somewhere around £700 up top. Further more the tournament was self dealt & the clock had teething problems, totally unorganised event if you ask me. This tournament is now officially dropped from FTP’s schedule, I’d go as far to say even if I fancied a game next month that coincided with this tournament date I would play the weekly game over Circus.

Team Full Trett Poker will be over Grosvenor tomorrow for the world cup tag team event, I know of several friends playing this so it should be a thoroughly enjoyable day which should go some way to making up for the disappointing Teesside tournament.


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