Interview w/Dave Mount

Dave Mount (left) is a poker dealer at my local casino Circus and if not dealing poker is also a keen player, but more importantly he's an ace kid who I have an absolute mountain of time and respect for.

Dave was more than happy to be my guest over here at FTP, giving us an opportunity to share his thoughts on what has been a strange couple of months for poker in Newcastle. I can honestly say for people that don't know this guy he's a perfect gentleman mixing his light hearted humour with his heart of gold, he is simply one of the most well liked people in Newcastle poker. Welcome on board FTP mate, I hope you enjoy yourself and all FTP followers look forward to going in the tank with Dave “FarmerDave” Mount.

DT "When and how did you get started playing poker? Did you have any inspirational poker players, books, moments, shows, etc that were instrumental for you?."

DM "I started playing in 2004 at home games with mates in Gloucester. We used to have a book next to the table that showed the best hand order, cant remember how many times it was checked to see if two pair beat 3 of a kind. I used to love Tony G. His table persona is awesome in my opinion. Sometimes he goes a little over the top, but that air of unpredictability is what makes him such a good watch."

DT "What was the best thing before sliced bread?."

DM "Unsliced bread, I love my bread."

DT "Your screen name over NEPF is FarmerDave, how did this come to fruition? Do you have any other nicknames?."

DM "FarmerDave was assigned to me by Scouse Alex who used to work in the G, he was a good lad and he started calling me FarmerDave due to my accent. To be honest this was the first time people started talking to me at the G as I now had a nickname. You wouldnt think it now but before the NPF I was quite shy on the poker circuit and only spoke to a few people. At uni I had the nickname deluxe because there where two Dave’s and I had a t-shirt on which said deluxe, was an ok nickname although I thought it sounded like a brand of jonnys."

DT "Since I've mentioned the NEPF, what's your thoughts on the recent situation involving the NPF and NEPF?."

DM "Shock, Sadness, bewilderment all spring to mind. The NPF was huge for me poker wise and socially. As I am not from around these parts, the NPF was instrumental in me finding mates some who I seriously consider to be some of my best mates. The rise of the NPF created more great games in Newcastle and I would like to thank Scott and Davey for what they have done for me. The closing is a shame, but they must have their reasons for it. I imagine that a particular issue became to much to handle and that they had come to their wits end over it so made this decision. In my honest opinion I think the decision was rash but I am sure a lot has gone on that we don't know about otherwise the forum would still be open. I wish Gaz and Groomi all the best in their new venture. I hope they have success. Only time will tell on this matter, the start has been very promising so we will have to see. I dont think there is room for 2 forums of this type in Newcastle and if the NPF decides to reopen then there would be an interesting situation."

DT "On the subject of change, some congratulations are in order. Good job on captaining the Walkers Sensations mate, I honestly think you'll do a fabulous job with such a fine group of young individuals and talented players. How did this position become available? What's your plans for taking Walkers Sensations forward?."

DM "Cheers Mate. Its a position I am privileged to hold and I will seriously do all I can to make this team known. We have an absolutely quality squad of guys, not just poker wise but as people. The 15 man squad are all friends, they are all awesome people and epic players who have had massive successes. We have had a great past as a team and I am driven to create a glorious future for us. On the weekend of the last team game something wasn’t right. We walked into the G with no belief no real drive and whatever and there where a few factors that made this the case. I offered to replace Gaz and he agreed that he believed that it was best for the team and there we go. Gaz deserves so much credit for creating this team and getting a great group together, cheers papa. I plan to take the Sensations national. I will try and get us into team games across the country and develop the teams profile. Our team blog is very important and critical to us being noticed nationally so this will be updated a lot more frequently."

DT "What's your best quality as a person?."

DM "My humour I would say. I like to thing that I have decent banter and hopefully people have enjoyed my company on the poker table."

DT "And your worst?."

DM "Is fattness a quality? I guess it isn’t as it would have been that. I think I take things to personal at times, so maybe not taking things to heart."

DT "So you've moved in with two fellow Walkers Sensations and great poker players Neil Harvey and Milo McKenzie, how are you finding that? I guess it's online poker and partying seven nights a week?."

DM "Well the Jew is either always praying or sleeping, Buzz is good banter and has some awesome one liners springing about. Also we have recently added Aryan to the house, we felt we need to be ethnically diverse so invited him in. I am having a great time living with these boys. They are all great people and awesome players that I hope to learn a lot off. There has been some poker and parties and I am sure there will be lots more of both."

DT “Why I'm I asking you these questions?.”

DM "Because I single handily got you to the £20-£20 Final Table last night. I’ll fling the cards and you do the moves lad."

DT “So not long till your hitting it up in Las Vegas, I for one can't wait to see you over there for a few drinks. What's your thoughts running up to Vegas? Lots of poker, gambling, and drinking I suspect.”

DM "All of the above buddy. You are a hand full in Newcastle on a night out so christ knows what I've let myself into going on a few nights out with you over in LV. I am playing a WSOP sidey and looking to play some of the deep stack tourneys over there. This will be the best time over there yet, only 5 weeks away and I cant wait. One of my uni mates is coming over from New York for a few days so looking forward to that too. Going to do all the stuff I didnt do but wanted to the last 2 times I've been."

DT "What do you think smells the nicest, a foot long Subway meatball marinara or Steve Brennan?."

DM "Brennan. I love my embraces with Brennan, this would be less of a joy if he stank so I’ll have to punt for him."

DT "2010 and 2011 saw you play host to an annual NPF football tournament, which I along with many others found to be an ace day. With the NPF being indefinitely closed do you have any plans to host the event in 2012? it would be a great shame to lose."

DM "Its a long way till the 3rd one if it happens. It was a way of getting a kick about sorted and who knows what position the NPF or NEPF will be in future. I will look to have something like it again, with no forum I imagine a lot less players would attend but we will have to see, like I said, the next one would have been along way away."

DT "Melanie Stoker, hot or not?."

DM "Hot bot so could I say not? If a could fit her with a gag ball then yes WOUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLLLDDDDDDD"

DT "You've recently joined the Circus staff, I would imagine that's a great place to work with lots of friends around both working and playing. How are you finding it? Hours suit you?."

DM "Well I used to work at Aspers and I cant begin to describe the difference between the two. Circus is a great place to work because the staff are awesome. In Jim you couldnt meet a better boss, he has done a lot for North East poker and is a great motivator and guy. Spoona is a legend and its been a joy to work with him everyday. Its great seeing mates everyday and the hours have been a lot easier to manage since I've moved out from home and dont have to look after a puppy when im off, saying that Milo is nearly as bad to look after, however we have sorted out the ‘toilet’ issues!"

DT "How would you describe yourself in three words?."

DM "Funny; Accent/Looking/Humour"

DT "What does the rest 2011 hold for Dave Mount? Can we expect to see you frequenting the local Newcastle poker circuit?."

DM "Maybe not frequently but I will be playing my fair share. I want to focus a lot on poker and the team after Vegas and hopefully 2011 will end up being a successful year.

All here at FTP would like to thank you for your time Dave, I hope you enjoyed answering the questions as much as I enjoyed asking them. Good luck in the future mate with everything you have going on, all though I know you'll make your own luck.

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