Trett Digest Volume 11

A welcome to start to 2012 so me flying out to Las Vegas on the 4th January, this was a fantastic trip shared with great company. If you haven't already check out my report for the trip;

Las Vegas 2012 Trip Report “Janaury”

My first weekend (Saturday 14th) back I took the two hour drive south to Leeds, which altogether was a miserable experience. The tournament was £161 (including registration and add-on) with a £15,000 guarantee, so kind of worth the travel I guess. I couldn't really be arsed with the drive on the morning of the event, but I had preregistered so if I didn't attend this would have been forfeited. The service from the staff was predictably awful, taking all most two hours before being served with drinks. I also don't like getting caught up in the conversations and ego that goes along with almost 200 poker players being in one place, but whatever I'll stop moaning. I eventually bust the final hand of day one, when I ran AK into AA for a 220,000 chip pot.

On the other end of the spectrum, a fortnight later (Saturday 28th) I played the CGK cup over at the Grosvenor which needless to say was a brilliant day. I started off getting on it at around 11:00 at Scotty Hocking's, joined by Adam Capon and Dave Atkinson from my team. We headed to the Grosvenor for around 13:45, to join a very jovial group of people. I bust the tournament after like 15 minutes or something, which was the least of my worries as I wished the table good luck and headed into town with Dan Oliver. After a few drinks and a bite to eat around town we headed back around 18:00, playing some 50NL and watching Newcastle vs. Brighton game with Marc Mulhern and Rob Dunbar. Then I went back out with Sean McGuigan around 20:00 and started to hit the vodka redbulls, several drinks later and we were back at Grosvenor around 23:00. Played some more 50NL, a few blackjack hands, got some more pints at the bar, before finally settling down to play 50PLO with Peter Newton, Aryan Virabi, Mark Nichols, Dave Atkinson, and Darren Knaggs amongst others. Staying until the game broke around 03:00 Sunday morning, before taking a taxi home after sixteen hours of hitting it. Congratulations to Hetton Mob and Keith Ridley who were team and individual winners respectively, and finally to Steve Willis and all the staff at the Grosvenor for putting on such a fantastic day/event.

Hetton Mob CGK Cup 2012 Champions

I've recently added a Travel Map to FTP, this is linked in LABELS & SECTIONS to the right. I've launched it in association with tripadvisor, it's just a bit of fun and pin points where in the world I've been. I love to travel so hope over the forthcoming years to add several pins to the map, experiencing new cultures and seeing new things. On the subject of travelling I'm fortunate enough to be back over Las Vegas on 22nd February for a week, again travelling Newcastle > Heathrow > Las Vegas in British Airways Club World. I've booked a suite over at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino which I know is off the strip, but whatever they have a regular complimentary shuttle to Ballys and Harrahs. I'll be in town for the Caesars Palace Winter Poker Classic, so I'm for sure playing the $500 (+$60) championship event on Saturday 25th February.

Away from the felt I've reserved a table at Fix, Bellagio to have dinner on my first evening, I've read some good reviews so I'm looking forward to trying some of there mouth watering dishes. Then on Friday (24th) morning I've booked myself to do a skydive, this includes a return stretched limousine from Ballys Resort & Casino to Jean Sport Aviation Airport. This will be an experience of a lifetime, so I'm both well excited and a little nervous. Back to business locally and not much happening throughout February poker wise in Newcastle, but I'll be over Circus for there monthly £5,000 guarantee next Tuesday (7th) so maybe see a few of you guys there.

Catch you all later

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