Las Vegas 2009 Trip Report “September”

Hey Guys. As promised when I first launched FTP in November 2009, I planned on reporting all my previous Las Vegas trips. It's taken a little longer than expected, over two years but M'EH whatever. So yeah I'll take you guys on one final trip down memory lane so that I've reported all of my past trips to Las Vegas, for now I'll take you back to September 2009 for my sixth visit. This was an interesting visit as it wasn't planned, I guess it kind of goes along way to explaining my Dan “MFKIN” Trett nickname. So I was out in Newcastle on Friday (25th September) evening with a few friends, as per usual as the night wore on I amongst others got more and more pissed. I actually don't remember how the conversation started or anything, but by around midnight Joe Dunn, Helen Dobson, and I had decided it would be a good idea to head to Las Vegas. I have very vague memories of rushing around packing and taking a taxi down to Manchester airport through the night, anyway I put the three flights on my credit card; leaving 10:55 from Manchester > Philadelphia > Las Vegas (arriving 20:30) and off through to departures we went to hit it up at the bar. I have no idea how we managed to get through security at Manchester or customs at Philadelphia (although we had kind of sobered up some by then), but whatever we arrived feeling a little rough but safely nonetheless. We collected our luggage (if you can call it that, I only had one pair of boxers and socks for the week), and jumped in a cab to Las Vegas boulevard. I suggested we book into Hooters Casino Hotel as it's in my opinion good value for location and cost, I don't remember exactly what this cost but it was reasonable I know that much.

After freshening up we decide to try out the MORE buffet over at Luxor for dinner, this although not the best Las Vegas has to offer was pretty good. It featured a huge salad bar, home made pizzas, carving stations, made to order omelets, as well as scrumptious dessert section. By now it had gone 23:00 and both Joe and Helen decided to call it a night, I however went to Luxor poker room and played 200NL for a few hours until around 05:00 Sunday morning. I woke up the following afternoon and we all decided to head out to buy some clothes, this wasn't optional but kind of forced considering we packed in like 10 minutes each and had very little clothes between us. I just bought like three Las Vegas tourists t-shirts and a cap from Walmart, not much but whatever enough to see me through the week. After this they went and kicked it by the pool until like 17:00, and I went to the Tropicana next door as they had an Americana Tropicana poker weekend on. I ran really well in their $200 NLH tournament, and eventually locked it up for $3,800. I then headed back to Hooter to hook up with the guys and go to Dan Marino's (former Miami Dolphins quarterback) for a prime rib dinner. Dan Marino's was a restaurant located inside Hooters, it's still there now with the same staff but operating under the name Mad Onion. It's not exactly the best restaurant in Las Vegas, but for price and portion size it's really good value for money in my opinion. Following on from this we decided to head down-town, to enjoy the Fremont street experience whilst having a few drinks.

We head back to Hooters around midnight, Joe and Helen are feeling homesick and regretting taking the intoxicated flight over the Atlantic. They decided there heading home in the morning, assuming the airline can accommodate their request to bring their flights forward. So we spend their last few hours kicking it in Hooters, playing a little small stakes slots an blackjack whilst getting hit on the complimentary Budweiser’s.

They leave for the flight at like 06:00 in the morning, I feel they didn't really give it a chance but whatever each to their own. Coincidentally I rarely see either of these guys now and Joe still owes me £300 for his flight, which kind of sucks but guess it goes along way to demonstrating the difference in principles between friends as I personally couldn't rest easy if the roles were reversed. So moving on and it's now Monday 28th September, I chill by the pool and catch some sun until around noon. Then decide since I'm all alone I'll head back to Tropicana for the second event in their Americana Tropicana weekend. I play the $200 PLO and after another deep run I eventually bust in third for $1,200. From here I head to the Bellagio for their daily $330 tournament, things don't work out here as I bust at 25/50 level getting it all in on the flop with open ended straight flush draw. This hand, amongst all my other exit hands from Bellagio during this trip can be found over the NPF;

“The Bellagio Card Room”

So not long after arriving I'm leaving, heading to Hooters to relax in my room for the rest of the afternoon. I head back down to the casino floor around 18:00, and take a seat at the 200NL for the next twelve hours. During this time I met some nice guys including Adam Ellis & Joe Herman (both Hooters dealers) as well as Karl & Henrik Kjolas (father & son from Norway). Then of course Paul Ridgway who is now a really good friend of mine and features in my 2010 and January 2012 trip reports, additionally I'm actually sharing a room with him over at Excalibur on March 26th for six nights (but that's for another trip report). I beat the game out of well over $500 if I remember correctly, before it broke at around 06:00 and I had some breakfast with Paul before heading to bed. I slept until like 14:00 and decided I'd give the Bellagio 14:00 $330 tournament another shot, after freshening up I catch a cab down and register late around 15:00. This time I made it to the final table as chip leader, before getting dealt KK vs. AA twice in one orbit to bust in eighth when top five got paid. So much of the same as the previous evening I head back to Hooters and set up camp on the 200NL from like 21:00 until 06:00, with all the aforementioned people their for the duration.

Not to be deterred now Wednesday afternoon and I head back to Bellagio for my third $330 tournament in as many days, I exit 23/35 after shoving a slightly below average stack with K5d from the button after almost the entire tabled limped. I was called by TT, which held and sent me to the rail. I decided to hang around the Bellagio and put my name on the 500NL, after grabbing a bite to eat at Snacks my seat was ready. Despite being stuck for $1,000 this turned out to be a profitable session, after cashing out around 04:00 after almost ten hours on the felt for a profit of $1,800+. So nice to leave Bellagio a winner for the first time during this trip, I took a cab back to Hooters to retire to bed. The following morning I kicked it by the pool with Paul, Karl, and Henrik until around mid-afternoon, then after getting a bite to eat took a seat at the 200NL at like 15:00 when the table opened. The usual suspects were around including players and dealers, and I stayed until around 21:00 enjoying some complimentary Budweiser’s. It was then Paul suggested we go meet his mates (Gaz, Wayne, & Andy) who were out on the piss, so we cash out and I borrow some clothes before we jump in a taxi to carnival court. The night quickly gets really messy as I begin to hit the vodka redbulls pretty hard, from here we head over at Playboy Club, Palms Casino Resort.

We stay here until closing at 03:00, but not prepared to let the night end here I suggest we hit Spearmint Rhino gentleman’s club. So we pick up a complimentary limousine (FYI if your ever going to a strip club in Las Vegas, all limousines are free) from the Palms valet, and head towards the strippers.

Upon arrival I promptly order a VIP table and a bottle service, this in hindsight was probably a bad idea when I got the bill but whatever. After several dances and copious amounts of alcohol, it was nearing 05:00 when the weirdest thing ever happened. I'm in the dance room at the back with this awesome looking lass grinding against me, when I hear in a broad geordie voice “Tretty” so I take a look around and unbelievably I see one of my old school friends Kirk Wilson. I'm like “WTF” at the other side of world and I bump into an old friend at 05:00 in a strippers, so he explains another friend of mine Chris Phillipson is also here. So I invite them over to join me and the boys, order another round of drinks and catch up on old times.

Shortly after Paul and his boys head home, fucked after being on it all night. But I stay a little while longer with my boys from Newcastle, we eventually get a hummer back to our respective hotels dropping them off at Monte Carlo then I head onto Hooters around 06:30. Obviously deciding to hang out the sunroof for the journey home, photo's below;

I eventually crashed to bed around 07:30, absolutely exhausted despite being charged with endless amounts of redbull. I woke up around noon and although not feeling too good, I decided to play over Bellagio again. This time I played the $540 opening event of their WPT Festa al Lago festival, I really enjoyed this despite busting the bubble in 28th with 27 spots paid. I had my complimentary dinner over at Bellagio buffet, which was really nice before settling down to play some 200NL with Paul (who had come over to play some cash). I put in a graveyard shift knowing I was leaving the following morning, so eventually left the table around 05:00. Jumped in a cab back to Hooters, where I quickly packed and jumped in the shower to freshen up for my flight home. I had the same route home leaving 09:00 Las Vegas > Philadelphia > Manchester, arriving 09:00 on Sunday (4th October) morning. Then jumping on a train north bound for Newcastle, which took another three hours and I was sick of my life by the time I arrived. So that concludes all my previous trip reports, stay tuned in the future for trip reports as and when they happen.

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