Trett Digest Volume 12

February has been a relatively quite month for yours truly, I didn't have a drop of liquor (OMG I hear the masses saying) until I flew out to Las Vegas on the 22nd. This was a brilliant trip, shared with my good friend Craig Simpson. If your interested I'll be doing a trip report over the next few days, so I'll probably have that live by the weekend. Away from Las Vegas I played maybe half a dozen times throughout the month, with my only tournament success coming in the Circus £2,000 guaranteed on Valentines Day (all the bachelors were out to play). I ran really well throughout the entire tournament, managing to get heads up with a sizeable chip lead vs. Dave Stephenson and eventually locking up the £525 first place and £225 Genting Newcastle Championship seat for the 24th March. It's always nice to win but this tournament was great fun, with a bunch of characters including Sean McGuigan, Steve Brennan, Keith Ridley, Marc Mulhern, Mark “archie4wolves”, and of course the aforementioned Dave Stephenson all in the field with good banter and giving each other friendly rubdowns when losing pots.

Away from the felt as I mentioned I didn't drink throughout February, this wasn't intentional or for any reason other than I had nothing to celebrate or was busy on the weekends. Meanwhile I finished watching One Tree Hill up to season eight, I think season nine is currently on TV but I'm going to hang on until it comes on DVD so I can watch it at my own leisure. So I've just started watching Dawson's Creek, which I bought for really cheap on eBay but has just collected dust since. Then I'm looking at either Entourage which is highly recommended over the NPF, or The Inbetweeners which after seeing the movie inspired me to check out the series. So giving that I don't watch a huge amount (maybe on average five hours per week), I suspect those should keep me entertained for the best part of 2012.

The third annual NPF football tournament is on Saturday 10th March, and I've been drawn on Team 2 with the following;

Eddie “Looseman” Constable (Captain)
Paul Oxborough
Daniel “OllStar” Oliver
Ross “roscopiko” Johnson
Mark “spoona999” Brewis

I've played this every year and it's always a lot of fun, so looking forward to another fantastic day out with I'm sure some Premiership standard talent on display.

Although just returned I'm back over Las Vegas for the third time in as many months this year, flying Monday 26th March for a week. I'm pretty excited but the timing really sucks, as I'm going to miss both the Genting Newcastle Championship and the NPF 4th Anniversary Cup which would have both been excellent events to get involved with. Fortunate to be back in British Airways Club World, Newcastle > Heathrow > Las Vegas. I'm kind of travelling with my good friend Paul Ridgway, although him and three of his mates are making their own way to Heathrow then flying economy to Las Vegas. I'm sharing a room with Paul over at Excalibur Hotel Casino which I've read mixed reviews about, but for the price we really have no room to complain.

One thing I'm particularly looking forward to with this trip, is we've booked a fleet of Honda 250 ATV's with a tour guide to take us around Valley of Fire State Park. I've reserved us a slot at 08:00 on Wednesday 28th March, this will serve as a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the strip.

Back in the UK and my next live tournament will be the £5,000 guaranteed over at Circus on Tuesday 6th March, so maybe catch a few of you guys there.

Take it easy

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