Australian Digest Volume 04

Towards the end of November and beginning of December I pushed the tournaments pretty hard, playing a really heavy Star Poker Summer Series. As mentioned in my previous ADV I had sold 50% of my action, to my friends over the NPF. Unfortunately things didn't go to plan, you can read my feelings and thoughts in post #142 over my NPF thread.

The Star Summer Series Staking #142

Looking forward and on a more positive note, The Star are hosting a $550 Boxing Day Bonus event. Which has a 10,000 chip starting stack and a 30 minute clock, which I've already pre-registered for online. I'm hoping to align with the script of always winning outside the stake, that I'm destined to take this down. Then on 30th December they have a $1,100 Super Sunday event, which I haven't committed to just yet but I'm hoping and most likely will be taking a seat. I'm having a small two week break away from the felt, then I will be really excited about getting involved.

I was pretty supportive of my friends taking part in Movember last month, donating £200 spread evenly across ten of my friends. Big well done to Dave "FarmerDave" Mount, Aryan "avkid" Virabi, Henry Lau, Neo Dre, Ryan Scholey, Ross "Nutflush" Hamilton, Colin Arkley, Adam Boothby, Zaf Nasir, and finally Chris "Hawkdinho" Hawkins. Check out a few photos, of my good friends sporting their moustaches;

Congratulations boys, all for a great cause. I haven't been out much away from the felt this last fortnight, as naturally poker has been at the forefront of my mind. However I did take a break to celebrated my 28th birthday on December 1st, which was an absolute brilliant day and night. I relaxed by the swimming pool with friends, drinking Perrier Jouet Champagne on ice and enjoying the clear skies and shining sun. I done the Sydney Tower Eye SKYWALK early evening with my work friends, which was great fun and was on my Sydney to do list. Then enjoyed a first class al carte meal at 360 Bar & Dining in Westfield Tower, which offers stunning views of Sydney atop the tower eye. From here I had a few drinks with friends around the city centre, until around 2:00am before turning in relatively early by my standards. Check the SKYWALK out below;

The hot blonde at the front is Ashlee, I'm working on it but things just aren't going to plan. I should be at third base by now, but my craic seems to be falling short. I've been trying when possible to follow Man Utd, it's difficult here with the huge time difference (+11 hours). Basically means all football matches are on in the early hours of the morning, so not ideal or very practical to support your club from back home. I'm persevering though, and watch all the football pretty exclusively at 24/7 Sports Bar inside The Star. It has three cinema screens, as well as 50+ LCD TV's around the huge theatre. No matter where you sit you never miss a minute of the action, makes for a brilliant atmosphere and full of British on match day mornings.

Against my best wishes I'll be doing quite a lot of hours over at House between now and Christmas, which is cool and I'm more than happy to get involved for what is expected to be a very busy festive period. I mean it's kind of frustrating, I don't need the cash and I would prefer to be enjoying the nice weather with friends by the pool and over at Bondi beach. However with that said Scotty (my manager) was fine with me asking for lots of time off for the summer series, so in the same casual manner I'm happy to do some extra hours as and when required.

Then in early January, Alison "Mrs Fatfish" McAree is visiting from Brisbane. Which will be lots of fun, and we both have a couple of exciting activities planned for each other. I'm really pumped about seeing a friendly face from the poker community, I'm having a great time but I do miss the guys from the NPF. Sydney bars and clubs lock their doors, the Irish and Geordies are coming.

It really doesn't seem like Christmas here in Sydney, particularly with the summer weather and not around my close family. I'm by no means complaining, and very excited about having a great Christmas here in Australia. However Christmas for me is predominantly about family and children, with that in mind I will miss my family back in the UK. This includes my parents, brothers, and extended family, without forgetting my family pets and particularly my mams dog Oscar. Who loves me unconditionally, it's true when they say your dog loves you more than you love yourself.

Leaving the best and most important until last my adorable niece and nephew, Lauryn and Zach. They're really excited about Santa Claus coming, and if I'll miss one thing it'll be seeing their smiling faces on Christmas day. So I hope you've been good this year guys, and Santa brings you everything on your no doubt very long lists.

Time to wrap up 2012 by wishing you all a merry Christmas and happy new year, as always thanks for reading and we here at FTP hope you enjoyed the articles brought to you this year.

All The Best

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