2012 Review

Happy New Year everyone! I will start by saying that 2012 was the best year of my life. I have said that since I started FTP, so it suffices to say that I am happy with the direction my life is going. My happiness and enthusiasm for life is at an all-time high, and I am cherishing every interaction. Last year was so unforgettable for so many reasons. In 2012 I continued to strengthen relationships with family and friends, trained myself into the best shape of my life physically, as well as a lot of traveling. I spent January through to March visiting America, then during April and May I was in the UK partying up in Scotland, handicap betting down at the Cheltenham festival, and pressing out value playing a full GUKPT Stockton leg. June I was back over the USA, visiting Las Vegas for the Summer. Come July and August I had European vacations including two trips to mainland Spain visiting Benidorm and Malaga, and one week away with the boys in Novalja Croatia. All this before chilling back home during September, playing a full UKIPT Newcastle schedule and closing off the year moving to Sydney, Australia for the last three months.

It's difficult to accept another year is over. I remember as a child something being a year away was so daunting. It goes without saying, that time appears to go faster as we get older. It's so important to live life to the fullest, in our very short and precious time here. During 2012 I've become a more well-rounded individual who has interests, passions, and goals. I finally accepted the philosophy that one really shouldn't concern himself or herself with the opinions of others. All the traveling has given me the fondest memories from the calendar year, I feel like I gained so much perspective that otherwise had been lost on me. I've been providential to have so much freedom and realize how privileged I've been to travel so much. I don't take any of this granted, and I’m very much in touch with how fortunate I have been to have the stars align for me. However I believe, the opportunity is largely down to my hard work and definite vision of my life direction. I came from nothing, and now I'm here.

Travel has for several years been at the top of my list of interests, and like previous years I intend on doing as much leisure travel as possible in 2013. I have major travel fever and I'm already planning trips, I hope to visit both Fiji and Bali as a minimum this year. I feel like I'm becoming more open-minded each day I spent in Australia, and I will never forget this experience. I'm learning so much about myself, and I will come back to the UK a changed man. I flew to Australia looking forward to getting out of my element, challenging myself, and meeting new people. I've been guilty in the past of mourning about how much I hate the UK, which I guess goes someway towards explaining all my traveling over the last few years. But I'm proud to say this experience is changing my outlook on all aspects of life, I'm feeling extremely enthusiastic about life and will work hard to maintain that attitude when back home in Newcastle. Check out a couple of photo collages below, with some of my 2012 travel experiences. Courtesy of picisto.com;

I encourage everybody with enough freedom to get out there and see the world, stay positive when things get tough. Sometimes I'll be chilling browsing the NPF and Facebook and am just left shaking my head at the general negativity and complaining that has become so commonplace. There is just no place for it, look around things could certainly be much worse guys. I myself have been guilty of bemoaning my luck, for example in September I updated my facebook status;

"Sick of the sight of this airport now, 12th visit this year and I'm back next week. :-("

In reference to the amount of times I had traveled through London Heathrow, I mean there is just no room for such laughable complaints. If in 2013 my only concern is the amount of time I spend in an airport, I promise not to smother you guys with any hard luck status updates. I have had some more serious health problems whilst here in Australia, twice being admitted to St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney for dangerous head injuries. First I needed surgery to rebuild my cheek, this took several hours and included three metal plates implanted to stabilize my facial area. Second time around I bruised my brain tissue, this didn't require treatment but I was prescribed medication for the pain and potential swelling. These more serious bouts of bad luck, have prompted me to be very careful in the future in regards to my drinking and party lifestyle. In an attempt to draw some positives from these two experiences, I learnt how many caring individuals I keep in contact with through facebook. I received so many heartwarming messages and comments, some from people I haven't seen in years. These kept me upbeat during the difficult times and I'm proud to call all these my friends, and I owe it to not only myself but to these guys to be extra cautious in the future.

I’ll add that during 2012 my passion for poker grew stronger than it has been for years, I really appreciate the freedom that the game has provided me. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and I plan to grind a heavy live tournament schedule in 2013. Tournament success motivates me more than ever now, they didn't as much when I was younger. But now that I'm getting a little older, I'm looking to be recognized and achieve some solid success in this game. I’m feeling a major shift in energy and can confidently say that I’m less concerned about the pursuit of money than ever before, this year for me will be all about results and success and of course the money will follow. That said I don’t intend on letting poker get in the way of me living my life to the fullest, as in the past my life away from the felt will always take president. I’m not so foolish to say that I’m going to be able to just show up to tournaments and crush them without putting in the necessary time studying and working on my game. It’s no secret that poker tournaments are more difficult than ever before, it's the sign of the times and how poker has progressed. When I play I will be extremely focused, but I am content with sacrificing some equity in order to get the most out of my life.

I kind of want to live in the moment in 2013. I'm going to wake up every day enthusiastically and try to make the most of my time, wherever in the world I maybe. I still have my foot on the gas, and enjoying living life in the fast lane. I can say confidently there are no signs of things really slowing down. Finally I would like to add that I really appreciate the support you guys have given me throughout the year. When I started playing poker as a 17 year old I could have only dreamed for it to materialize as it has. The words that some of you have said are so kind and so touching. Here's to wishing you all the best in the upcoming year.

I really appreciate you reading.


  1. great post and well thought out. Chuffed to be among your gallery of pictures and cant wait to meet up again in Vegas as its always a pleasure Ironcheeks xxxxx

  2. Thanks Davey. Hope you had a great time on the cruise, I'm sure you did. Likewise can't wait to see you in Vegas mate, going to be a pretty special Summer. ;-)


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