Interview w/Chris Lambert

Chris "The Spaniard" Lambert (left) is the 2012 NPF Champion, after outlasting 92 runners in the annual NPF Championships. Often found around Newcastle casinos, and a popular NPF affiliate.

An altogether nice guy who kindly agreed to join me as my first 2013 guest to go in the tank, as with common practice I have a bunch of both serious and piss take questions for the readers to enjoy. Welcome aboard FTP mate, and here goes with the questions.

DT "When and how did you get started playing poker? Did you have any inspirational poker players, books, moments, shows, etc that were instrumental to you?"

CL "I'd guess it was about 4 years ago, I was sat in the Wheatsheaf pub in Benton having a pint and seen an advert for their poker night, i'd seen poker on tv, Late Night Poker or something, and thought it looked cool, so me and my mate furmy went along. We didnt have a clue what was going on, ha, played shit, but still enjoyed it.

So I decided to learn the basics, so just done a search on youtube and found a Gus Hanson series of videos that explained that playing position was a key factor, and also how it affected the range of hands you could play in each position. I applied this too the pub game I was playing (now at the Seahorse in whitley bay) and I began to see the results both in how much easier the game was and how much more I won. So after winning some money I was obviously hooked."

DT "You're screen name over on the NPF is The Spaniard, how did this come to fruition? Do you have any other nicknames?"

CL "When I joined the NPF it was for purely lurking purposes, I didnt really have any intention of posting so I never really thought too much about my screen name. It came from the summer of 2008 when Spain won the world cup. I'd bought the Spain kit and told my mates I was gonna support them throughout the tourney and also mentioned that there is some Spanish in my family tree somewhere, (ive never looked into this but just remember a family member mentioning it) and my mate lowther and a few others started to call me it and it stuck, along with Spaniard, i also get spic, and Lamby (not keen on that one). Personally i prefer simply 'Lambert'."

DT "Whats the most fun tournament or cash game you've played in and why?"

CL "The most fun tourney was probably my first NPF championship game, it was at Genting and I think it was 2010 iirc. It was the first time i'd met alot of the NPF members and it was a mint laugh, with plenty of drink and plenty of banter. You really appreciate what a great community it is at those games, everyone is friendly. Also with The Cardguard Kid on the mic everyone was entertained all day. Unfortunately i didn't make day 2 after going a bit ott with a pair on dueces."

DT "What sort of regulations do you think are right for live poker?"

CL "Although not necessarily a regulation I would love to see a shot clock introduced to some of the games, where players have 20 seconds to act for example and maybe a tanking button available once every couple of levels for the trickier spots. Think they had something similar at the Aussie Millions and it seemed to work. You'd get more hands per level which is never a bad thing."

DT "You recently outlasted 92 players to be crowned the 2012 NPF champion. Congratulations, great achievement. Tell us a little about that? How does it compare to your other results? Would you consider it your biggest achievement so far? Also, What means most to you, The £1360 cash, champion status, the trophy and bracelet or the opportunity to represent the NPF at the APAT team game?"

CL "Thanks Dan! I was over the moon to bink this one, and yeah, it was far and away my biggest achievement in poker!

So I went into day one just looking to have a good laugh and a skinfull of Sol and thats what happened, it was a mint day with some class banter. I didnt really have any stand out hands or huge pots, I just plodded along and eventually made day 2 about average in chips.

I woke up on the sunday feeling as rough as a badgers arse, cos me and steve f and furmy had went into town after and I hadnt got home till the early hours. At this point I couldn't have dreamt of winning, I play shit hungover. Anyway I decided to play canny aggro and was 3 and 4 betting alot, sometimes for value but mostly bluffs and semi bluffs . So I chipped up and was down to the last few in what seemed no time. And despite bluffing one too many times and losing 80% of my stack I managed to get heads up pretty even in chips. Heads up didnt last long and when I 3 bet J8o oop and the bored came Jack high, I was confident I had the best hand. The money went in on the turn and my hand held up versus Luckys bluff.

I was so pleased and proud to have won! I was overwhelmed by the messages on the NPF congratulating me and I appreciated everyone of them!

It was the biggest score i'd had yeah, eclipsing my next best of £1k, ballin' out of control, I know.

The title means most to me out of everything though although the other things are very nice bonuses."

DT "Live or online?"

CL "Defiantly live for me,I love the social side of it and also the buzz you get from playing others face to face."

DT "Who is the funniest poker player you know?"

CL "Theres loads of characters on the Newcastle poker scene but one whos sense of humour I find hilarious is Sean McGuigan, I havent played vs him a massive amount but hes a funny bloke and always has me laughing."

DT "Whats more important to you at the table, good players with good banter or bad players with bad banter?"

CL "I'm gonna cop out here and say a combo of both. I don't think id love the game as much if EVERY player bored my tits off, but then again I'd win even less if there was only good players! I mean its great having you on my table, but when you check raise me on every flop its not so great. However if its a serious game for serious money the villains can have as shit banter as they like. Ha."

DT "Who do you consider the best poker player who posts frequently on the NPF?"

CL "Hmm this is a tough one, theres so many good players with some amazing scores, but I can only comment on what I see, since i've been playing Andy Blair 'KQ4EVA' has crushed the live scene and i've always rated his play. He's a bit of a hero. But theres too many good players to mention, someone who always puts me in tough spots in Craig McDowell, I dont think I've won a hand versus him. Ha."

DT "Blueline or ABC?"

CL "Blueline obv!"

DT "Most favourite holiday destination?"

CL "Its got to be Magaluf, I've been there 3 times and me and my mates always have a class laugh! Got some great memories and stories! The holiday last year will probably be the last one too there, we all felt a bit old. Ha."

DT "Which is the poker professional that you respect most? Why?"

CL "I'd say its Danial Negreanu, I think hes a great ambassador for the game, and I bet his persona on telly when at the table attracts alot of new players too the game. Although I respect alot of the young players for the way they play, I think DN's attitude is good for the game."

DT "If you could play poker with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why?"

CL "I'd say any of the Newcastle players! I'd love to be mates with a footballer."

DT "What does 2013 hold for Chris Lambert? Can we expect to see you frequenting the local Newcastle poker circuit?"

CL "Yeah I'm dying to get back playing locally after a bit of a break through December. I'm looking to improve my game by reading strat books and also tapping into some of the knowledge of the poker genius's on the NPF, their advice can be vital in improving your game. I'll also hopefully play some bigger games like the Genting tour when it hits the toon.

In my personal life I wanna get alot healthier and exercise more, I've also got my sisters wedding to look forward too where i'm an usher and my mates wedding where i'm the best man. Also got a trip to Ibiza planned for my mates 30th. So alot to look forward too. But most of all I just aim to be happy."

Here at FTP we appreciate your time Chris, I’ve found doing this interview great and I'm sure all our followers find it just as enjoyable. FTP would like to wish you continued success both on and off the felt, ladies and gentleman Chris Lambert.

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