Australian Digest Volume 10

The weekend before the ANZPT started on Friday 8th Marc Foggin arrived in Sydney and we had arranged to get on it with a few of mine and his friends. This had messy written all over it and it didn't disappoint, with a squad of lads crawling between Kings Cross bars, clubs and strippers all hitting the beer, shots, wine and champagne hard. The boys were all on top form and banter was flying, it felt good to be back out again after a few months away from the alcohol. It's not something I'm going to make a habit of though as I'm sure most readers and followers know that at the minute I'm trying to diet and exercise, this is what's important to me and I won't allow anything to get in my way. That said it's important not to completely neglect your social life, so I made an exception with a good friend being in the city. CHAMPAGNE LIFESTYLE

The Sunday on the same weekend was Mother's Day back in the UK, so it was a little difficult here in Australia while she was home in England. I would have loved to have spent the day with her and took her out for a nice evening dinner, just to go someway towards showing her I appreciate the unconditional love she has showered me with since the day I was born. I've been very blessed to have had a number of surrogate mothers in my life, notably my Grandma, Ros Turnbull and Jean Tulip who love and care for me like I was there own son. I'm eternally grateful to have had these girls in my life and I only hope they all had a great day. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

I'm heading into the ANZPT with my foot on the gas after a deep run in the $200 warm up event, where both Marc and I made the final table busting eighth ($544) and second ($2,856) respectively. I got coolered in 1A of the opening $300 event last night, running TT into QQ on a QTx flop at 75/150 level. I'm completey at peace with those sort of exit hands, I'm comfortable knowing I didn't bust out playing badly. Loading up the gun again for 1B this evening, which I'm optimistic about so we'll see how things roll out. #ANZPT

Meanwhile although I've had my hours cut considerably at House it's still a big part of my experience here in Sydney, all the guys I work with are really friendly and have welcomed me since the day I walked through the door in October. Our manager Scotty is a very keen baker so whenever it is a staff members birthday he'll always bake us a cake. Doesn't help my diet but they are always really good and it would be rude not to have a slice. So yeah check out a collage below of us all celebrating each others birthday.

It's been good having Marc around this last week. Whilst not grinding out the ANZPT we've been for a couple of nice meals over at Star Bar and the Hard Rock Cafe in Darling Harbour. Then had a mandate on Tuesday 12th March, where we headed to Event cinemas to watch 21 and Over. This is an American comedy by the writers of Hangover, so straight away you expect it to be hilarious and it didn't disappoint. It's about celebrating Jeff Chang's 21st birthday and he basically gets really drunk and messy with his two best friends, what was supposed to be a quick beer becomes a night of humiliation, overindulgence and utter debauchery. LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY

I'll close out this digest now, I'll be back in a couple of weeks where hopefully I'll be reporting some ANZPT success.

Short and sweet

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