Australian Digest Volume 11

Since arriving in Sydney I've had a lot of inspiration to write in the final quarter of 2012 and opening quarter of 2013. I'm becoming a more analytical individual as I mature. Writing up and taking photos of my experiences is important to me for a number of reasons. I enjoy sharing my life with friends and family back home in the UK, but perhaps more importantly I want my memories set down in black and white. It can be difficult at times when writing about oneself to not be interpreted as being self-important by your followers, I'm sure other bloggers can relate and that is something I don't intend to do.

I'm sure FTP readers will agree my year is off to a really great and exciting start. My plan heading into this year was to really focus on having some new experiences here in Australia, it's high on my list of priorities right now. Again I'm sure all that have read my ADV this year will concur I'm making good progress with this plan. Taking on board all these experiences has given me an awareness of my bad habits, which I'll put measures in place to correct. I'm working hard to improve myself as a person, which I guess is an endless task but one that I am embracing. I am endlessly fascinated by just how many different types of people and ways of life there are in this world that we live and how much we can all learn from each other.

When I was younger I inexplicably spent a bunch of my time bemoaning about trivial things, when in truth my life was and still is pretty damn awesome. I don't want to be over critical of how I was, I guess now all my travel experiences helps me know the importance of perspective. My eyes have been opened now to how lucky I am and unfortunate others have it. We're all guilty of feeling sorry for oneself and complaining about things that in truth don't matter. At the risk of repeating myself from previous posts, I cannot recommend more highly to young people or people with college aged kids the value I put on seeing the world with loving eyes. You can gain a wisdom that is simply unobtainable through any other experience. See below YouTube link to a video below courtesy of Jeet Ramgarhia;

A few minutes of perfection!

I seen this on Facebook and found it so moving. I think we'll all agree if everybody had the attitude demonstrated in the above video, we would all share a happy and more loving world. Dare I say it, a perfect world. I've been fortunate to spend a lot of time with some amazing individuals. I make a point to spent time with people who have a net positive on my life, with such precious time there is no other way to operate in my opinion. I learn so much from my great family and friends and for this I'm very thankful. My mindset is influenced and shaped by those who I surround myself with, so I guess it makes sense to hang around with inspiring and optimistic people. Only earlier today (Saturday 30th April) I was down at Hunter Valley Gardens with my friend Kerry Miller on a wine tasting excursion, here we were in a medium sized group of fifteen with people from all over the world. I found each and everyone of them and their stories extremely pleasant and thoroughly great company. Whilst at Hunter Valley I explored a bunch of small and unique vineyards hidden away, tasting some award winning wine and taking on board the fabulous scenic views. We had lunch at Harrigan's Irish Pub where I enjoyed a gorgeous homemade cream of cauliflower soup. GREAT DAY

On Thursday 28th March I joined a fantastic fully guided kayaking adventure in the magnificent Hawkesbury region less than one hour north of Sydney. Getting the opportunity to see some really impressive beaches, pretty coves and charming inlets. The kayaking itself was a great adventure which included deep gorges, dense bushland, sandy beaches, wandering creeks and mighty sandstone outcrops. Before leaving for Sydney in the early evening we enjoyed a delicious gourmet Thai curry for dinner with a glass of white wine.

Looking back and I played a big part when the ANZPT visited Sydney, playing eight of the nine events as well as every single satellitte they had running. This was largely down to my kind and generous backers over at the NPF, it was an oppurtunity for which I was very grateful. It was a pretty rough festival poker wise, which seemed destine to be unrewarding after a series of bad beats, coolers, set-ups, blow ups and losing important flips. But all's well that ends well and I cashed in the final $5,000 challenge event finishing fourth for $9,500. As much as I've been treating poker very casually, it's still important to me that I work hard on improving my game and as such increase my equity. Awesome shot of me with Lynn Gilmartin, Mel Judah and Jackie Glazier taking at The Star during the ANZPT Sydney. #ANZPT

During the ANZPT festival I had Marc Foggin visiting Sydney. He was such good company and as well as spending a bunch of time in The Star, we made an effort to get out and around Sydney. I briefly touched on it in ADV10, we had a couple of nice meals at Darling Harbour, had two seriously messy and funny nights out and also got to the cinema four times to see Django Unchained, 21 & Over, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone and Broken City. Additionally, I would like to pass on my congratulations to Marc who similar to me had a frustrating festival. However turned it around, finishing third in #3 $500 Bounty tournament for $6,328. NICE WORK BOSS

Marc Foggin

Looking forward and as I slowly work my way through my Sydney to do list, there is still a number of things that I'm hoping to get a chance to experience before I leave. These include but are not limited to visiting both the Jenolan Caves and Blue Lake Mount Gambier, as well as ferry trips to the wonderful islands around Darling Harbour including Fort Denison, Shark, Clark, Rodd and Cockatoo. Meanwhile as far as poker goes I'm looking forward to the $550 Easter Monday Bounty (1st April 2013) and the $550 Anzac Day Special (25th April 2013) as well as the regular weekly $200 Monday and $300 Wednesday tournaments over at The Star. So lots of exciting times ahead here in the land down under.

Hope you're all enjoying your Easter holidays, God bless you all.

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