Australian Digest Volume 12

I'm beginning to buy-in to the idea that Marc's money is cursed and those golden "dobba dollars" are losing there effect. I say this as I managed to minimum cash in the $500 Easter Monday Bounty for $1,000 collecting $450 worth of bounties too, then close out both the $300 Easter Wednesday (3rd April) and $100 Mega Sunday (7th April) tournaments for $7,313 and $1,100 respectively. I'm not winning every event out of stake though as I flew to Melbourne last weekend to get involved in the inaugural WSOP APAC playing day's B and C of the $1,000 accumulator. I bust both days without making the second day, so it was a short trip and I was back in Sydney by Sunday morning. #bracelethunting

As much as I love Sydney and all there is to do here, It's now after six months getting to a point where I need a small break. With that in mind I was speaking to a friend of mine Paul Ridgway on Facebook, you guys may remember him from previous Las Vegas Trip Reports. He's back off to Las Vegas later this month on Sunday 21st April and I just couldn't say no to a week in Sin City. I'm flying first class courtesy of my friend Monette who is a Delta employee and has listed me for travel as her buddy. I'm kicking it at the MGM Grand in one of their smaller petite king rooms for the first four nights and then checking out on Thursday 25th and into Terribles Hotel.Casino for the three nights over the weekend. The weekend rates go through the roof at the MGM Grand and I made a saving of almost $700 by moving to Terribles Hotel.Casino. It's only a small inconvenience and for sure sensible with the price difference.

So I'm well pumped and excited to get involved. There is like ten boys making the journey and I know six of them who are all ace kids, so if the other guys are cut from the same cloth I'm sure we'll all have a class visit. The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino are also running there quarterly deep stack extravaganza series, so I'll look to get involved with those playing a few of the $100 to $300 buy-in tournaments. Then away from the felt I have a hot air balloon ride booked and an excursion to the Grand Canyon which will both be great escapes from the boulevard. So stay tuned for Las Vegas Trip Report 2013 "April" coming soon. Check out a photo from March 2012 when I was last in Las Vegas with these boys;

Foundation Room - Mandalay Bay

I caught up with my boy Steven Lee over dinner and drinks last week, as we headed to Hurricane's Grill Steakhouse on Darling Harbour for a full rack of ribs to share. It's always great to see him and as I've mentioned in previous ADV posts neither of us see as much of each other as we would like. He has a girlfriend now too which took me kind of by surprise as like me he's very much a man's man, but I guess there is somebody out there for everyone. He's very happy here in Sydney but also pretty pumped to fly back to England in June for a few of the lads weddings, these are all weddings I'm sacrificing to spend my Summer in Las Vegas.

I've also had a few trips to the cinema going to see G.I. Joe: Retaliation, A Good Day to Die Hard and Identity Thief all of which were pretty good. I particularly enjoyed G.I. Joe: Retaliation as it was the first film I had seen in 3D, I'll make an effort to see more films in 3D after being impressed with this showing.

My screen broke on my laptop which restricted my access to the internet for a short while, which was kind of an inconvenience but I've had it repaired now and after shopping around I got it done for $100 which I was pleased about. In summary when my only complaint is a broken laptop screen amongst all the good things going on right now, I can be at peace that I'm pretty pleased with my life and looking forward to an exciting April split between here in Australia and over the USA.

Stay tuned guys

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