Trett Digest Volume 18

In typical baller fashion I only blog when I’m winning. When I last checked in I was leaving Miami and heading to Las Vegas for a month, things didn’t work out and after a brutal few days and losing what felt like an insurmountable amount of money I came home early. I spent some of my short time in the city with my cousin and his beautiful fiancé, David and Laura. Where together we enjoyed a pretty wild night out over at Ghostbar in The Rio.

So I packed my bags and took the very relaxing club world business class flight back home to Newcastle, it was kind of a relief and brilliant to see all my friends and family.

Since being back here in the UK I’ve been reasonably busy playing a little bit of poker, I've attempted twice to win a GPS main event title. Once down Stoke and again up Edinburgh, both ultimately ending in failure, but rewarding failures nonetheless, with a 21st and a 3rd for £1,160 and £17,460 respectively.

Whilst discussing poker I’d like to mention my good friend Tom Middleton, who won the €5,000 EPT Barcelona main event for €942,000. I met Tom almost ten years ago when he was studying in Newcastle and more often than not we both ignored studying in favour of playing the local bowls. I regularly ask him for advice and he promptly responds, his guidance is invaluable to me. He’s my mentor but more importantly my friend and I owe lots of my success in poker to this guy. I was absolutely delighted to see him take down this major event and I’m sure he will continue to write his name into the poker history books. Quite simply an all-round brilliant guy and absolutely nobody has a bad word to say about him.

Away from the felt I’ve moved in to HHH, which as it happens is no longer HHH. Marc moved out as he found it difficult to deal with our banter, there may or may not have been something else behind his decision. But all here in this household wish him all the best and I’m sure he knows our door is always open. Marc moving out comes with a bonus though, I quickly upgraded to a bigger room with a balcony overlooking the Tyne. I’m having lots of fun but pretty conscious not to pick up their bad habits, mainly there diet and I’m making a big effort not to order a takeaway every night whilst also playing a couple of games of five a side football every week.

My balcony view

On the subject of healthy eating and exercise. I’ve been disappointed after making such good progress that I lost focus and now put a lot of my weight back on. Which is why I’m now affectionately known as fatty or fatboy notably by my speccy senile Dobba friend. But it is important to me and I do consciously eat healthier now. My good friend and personal trainer Gary Sidney has put me on this Juice+ program, which I’m enjoying and kind of feeling the benefits. Long way to go, but confident I will put things right.

I’ve spent heaps of time with friends and family since being back in the UK. I’ve visited Alton Towers for the first time in about eight years with Mark Mealyeah and John Kirsopp. We had a great day and there was heaps of new rides I’d never even rode. Also had a couple of wild Dan Trett-esk nights out with both my poker friends and friends away from the felt. Notably the NPF Team Bowl event, which was one of the best nights out I've had with the NPF boys. At 28 (29 in December) I’m finding it more and more difficult to party like I used too, but still love my boys and getting on it on a night out.

It’s not all play though and just yesterday I started working for Dave Maudlin and his betting syndicate, it’s early days yet but it seems okay and relatively easy with short hours which fits the lifestyle I’ve been accustomed these last few years. Looking forward and I have a friend’s birthday this weekend which I’m stoked about and should be lots of fun as a bunch of us are hitting Newcastle. Then on the poker front I will be heading down Blackpool with Knaggsy, Waspy and Dan Fatpants for the GUKPT on Friday 8th November. So watch this space for a staking thread coming soon. Thanks as always for reading and sorry for the lack of updates these last few months, I’ve just had a lot of other things to take care of and lacked a bit of motivation.


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