Trett Digest Volume 20

What’s up fans! I hope everyone had a nice holiday season with family, friends and loved ones. Mine was absolute brilliant as I shared it predominantly with Mam in my hometown of Cramlington. My niece and nephew Lauryn and Zach are now six and four respectively, and I'm enjoying uncle-hood much more than I could have ever imagined. I always find myself so happy and relaxed when spending time with family. I’ve also been catching up with a lot of friends and spending a bunch of time celebrating the festive season over a few beers. I feel so lucky to have the most amazing group of friends: Gary Sidney, Steesh Lee, Dean Struthers, Adam Bailey, Alex Inness, Kevin Giblin and so many more. I had so much fun bringing in the new year and value every minute I spend with these guys. When we get together, we have fun no matter what we do. It’s always great recounting old stories and creating new ones. #foreverfriends

I’ve been relatively quite as far as poker is concerned. I travelled to DTD, Nottingham on Friday 10th January for GPS. This was the biggest event of the series with 935 entries, DTD continually prove why they are the best venue in the UK for poker. I then proudly wore the captains armband down in Stoke on Saturday 1st February representing the NPF in the 2014 APAT Team Championship, despite our poor performance on the felt this was a position I took very seriously and was so proud, humbled and honoured to have been asked to undertake the role from NPF owner, administrator, moderator and good friend Dave Collins. #teamknob

Chris Lambert, Mark Nicholas, Chris Leckie & Alex Knight
Adam Matues, Dan Trett, Peter Newton & Karen Newton

Being asked gave me some validation to the countless hours I’ve spent taking care of all the things necessary to take on this kind of job. I’ve said several times how I hate the road and all the traveling that comes with tournament poker and I guess it isn’t as easy as it may seem. But looking back, I wouldn’t change it one bit. All the travel booking, all the missed and delayed flights, all the nights alone in hotels, all the nights sleeping on hotel floors, all the big scores, all the bubbles, all the miracle river cards, all the bad beats, all the nights partying, all the nights chillin’, all the people from all walks of life, all the cities, all the countries, all the experiences. It's been quite the journey. I've loved it and can't wait for some more.

Whilst on the subject of poker I’ve decided to organise a ‘Doubles Poker’ event for all the guys on the NPF and in the Newcastle area to enjoy. I’m aiming for this to be for some Saturday in late March or early April, it’s something I will definitely put in place but it’s on hold right now while I deal with some other issues. I’m sure it will be well supported and attended and I'm equally sure everybody that goes will have a fantastic day win, lose or draw. #letsplay #spin

Following on from reciting all the good and bad times from spending several hours, days, weeks, months and even years in my case on the road. I’m heading off to Las Vegas for my eighteenth visit on Monday, it’s been quite a ride since my first visit for my twenty first birthday in December 2005. I still love the city, the people I meet there and the memories that last a lifetime created there. I’m visiting with my friend Stuart Robinson who’s a great guy (I actually went with his brother Simon in September 2008). Poker will most definitely take a back seat during this trip and the emphasis will be hugely on having fun. Traditionally I always like to stay somewhere different and this trip is no different, so I’ve booked us into The Flamingo for a bargain price of £292 per a room for a week (£146 each). This website is truly the nuts when it comes to Las Vegas accommodation, I use it almost every time nowadays. #valuetown #bargainhunters

I’ll wrap things up now, as always I appreciate all my fans, followers and friends reading. All feedback is greatly appreciated, so please comment constructively be it negative or positive.

Stay safe kids

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