Trett Digest Volume 23

This update will be relatively short and sweet, mainly because although I haven’t done a huge amount in May it’s still been pleasant. When I last left you guys the WPT was visiting Newcastle and was around the corner, this although was a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and see some familiar faces didn’t work out too well as I bricked out early into day two. #worldpokertour

That along with maybe one or two monthly tournaments was pretty much the extent of my time spent on the felt this last month or so. That’ll all change next week when I fly out to Las Vegas for a month and I have my foot on the gas with quite a big schedule of events to look forward too. Speaking of Las Vegas I’m pretty stoked for this now with so many of my good friends (easily 20+) out at some point during my stay and I have so many sick nights out and excursions planned. So be sure to check out my Las Vegas 2014 Trip Report “Summer” to enjoy the ride with me. #summerinlasvegas

I would describe May 2014 for me personally as my darkest month in poker with the closure of the NPF, it had and still does have a special place in my heart. I said time and time again how fortunate we were here in Newcastle to have such a good platform for players to make friends, find out relevant information and countless other things it purposed. Despite several failed buy-outs all of which I agreed to support and back financially, on the 9th May Scott Collins decided to close the doors. Looking forward and Dan McSkelly agreed to help out and create the NEPF which hopefully will be better than the failed attempt by Gaz Walker. For now it’s not too user friendly and although I’m signed up, I personally still haven’t quite warmed to the place yet. I will persevere with it though and give it a chance.

Away from poker I’ve been trying my upmost to be the best Uncle possible to Mark’s kids Lauryn and Zach, that’s what’s important to me right now and I want to make sure they grow up knowing I think the world of them. They’re amazing kids and deserve to be showered with love and gifts in my opinion, I have to be careful not to spoil them too much though and they end up taking things for granted.

That just about wraps things up for now, my next update will be reporting my Summer antics out in Las Vegas, this will be visit #19 and I’m showing no signs of letting up or taking my foot off the gas.

#livelife #lovelife


  1. The old Teamdobbs blogspot may need resurected!!!!

    be careful of old speckki guys taking ya money off ya in Vegas mind

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