Trett Digest Volume 03

I now have my foot on gas and my life is back to it's standard routine of several weekly casino visits and nights out with my mates, this follows a quite couple of months where I was seeing a girl who kept me on the straight and narrow. My last digest I mentioned the funeral of my good friend the late Joe Peel was imminent on Tuesday 22nd March, the service went well with approximately six hundred people showing their respects including a large presence from his friends at the tables. Myself and Mark, Steve Brennan, Craig and Dawn Foggo, Syed Zaidi, Martin Enright, Chris Brown, George Harle, Richard Pavlou, Fred Mulvay, Russ Taylor, John Stamatelpoulos, Gary Collins, Dave Knight, Tom Dunwoodie, amongst half a dozen others who I recognize by face but either can't spell/don't know their name.

Then yeah like I say since I'm single again (not that I ever had an official girlfriend to be fair) I've found myself attending almost every added value tournament in Newcastle, with for a change a degree of success. Across both tournaments and cash I'm in profit around £1,500 for tail-end of March and beginning of April, so a nice hit just before I head off to Thailand. Away from the felt I recently bought series one through to seven of One Tree Hill, I've always fancied watching it but not one for watching random individual episodes etc. I like to get to know the characters and live vigorously through their adventure, I've seen the first four episodes which were all ace so I have several hours of television ahead of me for those lonely nights.

Last weekend (Saturday 9th April) I double booked myself after pre-registering into the NPF anniversary cup whilst also renting out a cottage for the weekend with my boys away from the felt, only I didn't realize until Sunday 10th when I received a voice-mail from Alison McAree. I was disappointed to miss this event as it's one of three annual NPF events, alongside the Championship and UK Team Challenge. On this subject I would like to extend my congratulations to champion David “Camel Toe” Atkinson who took the event down whilst also celebrating his birthday, good job man keep it up.

I will unfortunately miss their NPF UK Team Challenge 2011 at the end of this month as a result of my month long sabbatical, so with that in mind I will be making every effort to attend the NPF Championships 2011 later this year so as not to miss out on all the NPF engagements this year. Looking forward and I'm really excited to be flying to Asia tomorrow (Sunday 17th April) to escape the dull British weather, also whilst out there I will be flying out to Macau for my second visit to hit the tables for a long weekend meeting up with Newcastle local Sam Lam and maybe Steven Liu (dates dependent with Steven). Guess I'll sign out for a month and leave you with the below photo, which will go some way to explaining why I'll be a little to occupied to be blogging whilst gallivanting around Thailand.

I return back to the UK on Tuesday 17th May, so I'll be sure to catch up with all you guys and share my x-rated Thailand exploits (for those interested in hearing them).

Take it easy all

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