American Digest Volume 07

I left the UK for the USA on 14th August, I went from Newcastle > London (Gatwick) > Tampa > Miami. The journey up until I reached the USA was very relaxing and pleasant, I checked into the executive lounges at both Newcastle and Gatwick and then flew in Club World for the transatlantic leg of the flight.

However upon arriving in Tampa the journey became a pain in the arse, I was delayed due to the extreme thunder and lightning. Then when I finally did leave for Miami around two hours late, my luggage ended up on a flight to Fort Myers on the other coast of Florida. So I spent the first day and night with no clothes and chilling in my boy Bunzer’s gear. I was absolutely exhausted after a long day so once I arrived back at the apartment Sam made me supper and I was tucked up in bed by around 11:00pm. This worked out okay and helped me beat the jetlag as I woke up around 7:00am very refreshed and excited to get out and explore Miami, although we didn’t do much just had brunch at Hard Rock Café, grocery shopping at Walmart, dinner with the guys at the apartment and then down the Seminole Hard Rock Casino to play some poker on the evening.

I got beat up pretty bad during the first session but still woke up the following day full of optimism and ready to enjoy life in Miami. We all headed to South Beach and Ocean Drive for the day where we enjoyed the sun, went jet-skiing, relaxed at Loews Miami Beach Hotel swimming pool and had lunch at Liquid Lounge in West Palm Beach.

Then we headed to Miami International Airport to collect Lynne’s friend Michelle Sheils which completed our party of five for this Miami adventure. From here I got dropped off at the casino to play #7 $560 NLH event but didn’t stay long as I got stacked twice losing $1,120 within an hour. So I took a taxi back to the apartment and watched TED with Sam before falling asleep around 11:00pm. The following day Lynne and Michelle were off to the casino to play poker whilst Steve, Sam and myself met one of Steve’s friend Alex Rizek. Alex lives here in Miami and is actually Jake Cody’s girlfriend, she was a very cool girl and great to meet. She took us to Las Olas and we had lunch at a great little mexican before taking a late afternoon cruise around the riverfront. Here we enjoyed a couple of beers whilst seeing some of Miami’s most expensive real estate.

Then Alex dropped us back off at our Apartment and we all began to get ready for a night on the town. This in typical Dan Trett style was stupidly messy with beers, vodka redbulls, jagerbombs, Sambuca, wine and various other drinks. We ended up in Mansion Nightclub until around 4:00am. #doublevodkaredbulls #jagerbombs

The result of this night was an absolute banging headache and hangover the following day, I just lay around the apartment and swimming pool until around 4:00pm. Then we eventually made a move and the five of us decided to enjoy a couple of hours by the beach, doing a little bit of swimming in the sea and catching some rays. From here we all took a shower and then headed out for the evening to Sparez bowling alley where we had a go at bowling. This was fun and for added interest we all played for $5 per man, which Lynne managed to take down and hit her biggest score since arriving in the USA. Then we had supper at TGI Friday’s before heading back to the apartment for around 1:00am and we all retired to bed. Then the next two day’s Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th was just spent relaxing by the swimming pool during the day time and playing cash over the casino on the evening. I’ve had a pretty brutal first week losing almost $15,000 since arriving, but I’m okay about it and still feeling very lucky and blessed. It’s like 3:00am right now here in Miami and we’re all up very early to head to Busch Gardens which I’m mega stoked about and I think will be heaps and heaps of fun. So stay tuned for American Digest 08 next week where I’ll let all you guys know how it went.

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