Below FTP presents links to the interviews with all the guests we've had "In The Tank", these interviews give a unique inside look into poker players thoughts and their mystic.

Eric Baldwin "CardPlayer 2009 POY"
Daniel Trett "FTP Moderator"
Simon Cameron "Simmy3k"
Paul Gardener "Swampy"
Jack Ellwood "jackellwood"
Tom Middleton "hitthehole"
Dave Collins "NPF Moderator"
Andy Blair "KQ4EVA"
Steve Brennan "fatfish"
Dave Mount "Walkers Sensations Captain"
Sean McGuigan "horses heed"
Peter Newton "stumpy"
Ian Bertram "Nemesis"
Adam Matues "JuniorBomber"
Marc Mulhern  "mulhuzz"
Chris Lambert "2012 NPF Champion"

Please enjoy these brilliant interviews that detail everything from their introduction into poker and culminating in their plans for the future. Furthermore if you would like to see anybody in particular "In The Tank" then please don't hesitate to contact FTP and we will explore the possibilty.

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